Remembering Fiji Girmitiyas

The year 2020 marks 100 years of the formal abolition of the indentured labour system in Fiji. On 14 May 1879, Leonidas, the first ship carrying 522 Indian indentured labourers, arrived at the port of Levuka, old capital of Fiji. Thus began the journey of over 60,000 indentured labour to the new British colony of […]

All Indians working abroad has to register online: MEA

The Online registration mandatory for Indian job seekers becomes mandatory since January 1, 2019. This directive is a relevant measure to provide protection and welfare to the Indian emigrants abroad. Indians going for overseas employment must pre-register with an Indian government recruitment portal, failing which they will be offloaded. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs […]

Over 13 million people will operate out of co-working spaces by 2020: JLL India

JLL, India’s largest professional real estate services company, estimates that over 13 million people will work out of co-working spaces by 2020. In a recently released research report ‘Spotting the opportunities: flexible space in Asia Pacific’, the company says that demand for flexible offices – including spaces and serviced offices – is growing faster in […]

2015, a year of hopes and aspirations

Happy New Year ! Even as 2015 kindles new hopes and spiraling aspirations, the outgoing 2014 was indeed a watershed year for India. We saw a sea-change sweeping our polity, with the 150-year old Congress party fading to the background in ignominious defeat, and the BJP sweeping the polls to come to power with an […]

NRI Achievers Rocks!

Your favourite magazine has been endowed the honour this month of becoming the official “Reporting Partner” for the upcoming Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, a flagship annual diaspora connect event of the Government of January 2015 at Ahmedabad! A milestone no less for our own diaspora connect initiatives! And the last month was chock-full of events […]

India at the Crossroads?

October has been an eventful month, what with two elections to state assemblies which brought the Bharatiya Janata Party to power with a full majority in Haryana, and a hung assembly in Maharashtra with the BJP as the single largest party. While the state has already seen the swearing in of a minority government, the […]

Seasons Greetings!

Allow us to start with wishing all of you readers the best, greatest and the most enjoyable times ahead this upcoming festive season! The month of September apropos has been a hectic time indeed for the Indian government, with frenetic activity all round. With the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, the Commerce & Industries Minister […]

Visions galore!

The past one month period was important for two milestone dates. The first was August 15, when the Prime Minister of the country holds forth from the ramparts of the Red Fort to chart out the trajectory of the nation for yet another year, the second was September 2, when NDA completed 100 days in […]


The month of July saw the new NDA government revealing the broad outlines of its economic agenda for the year during the Budget Session of the Parliament, beginning with the Rail Budget and culminating in the union budget. Talk of bitter pills aside, one could perceive faint threads of fiscal prudence overshadowing populism, as major […]


Achhe Din Aane Waale Th ai, as per Modi’s ardent promise to the nation during that marathon election campaign the country went through just a couple of months ago, which fuelled expectations and hopes of a populace that has long been reeling under the pressure of a stagfl ationary phase of the Indian economy for […]


Democracy has had it’s say, and India’s 1.3 Billion strong populace has had its way. The verdict has swept out an incumbent UPA-2 government led by the congress, and put a NDA government led by Narendra Damodardas Modi in its place, that too with an absolute majority. While a decimated UPA is ‘introspecting’ on it’s […]

Electioneers, Mango Bans & Sundry other Things …

Delhi is agog with election fever, with several phases of the mammoth polling exercise already over in several states, and a few more to go over the next fortnight, as it stands even as we go to print with this issue. The scenario is similar in the states and territories that are yet tyo go […]

Is It Spring In The Air, Or Is It An Indian Summer?

Deja Vu time once again, the month of march has gone by, and the environment across the nation is supercharged with the election fever. Equations are being worked and reworked, opinion polls are doing the rounds, and hectic confabulations of political parties on electoral alliances and post-electoral alignments are the talk of the day. In […]

Phir Bhi… Mera Bharat Mahaan

Delhi once again has been a happening place over the last month, what with the city government abdicating, and the political class spouting vitriol all over the media channels and products in their attempt to get their election stands across. Campaigns and mega-rallys are the norm, with the standards of public debate touching a new […]