Democracy has had it’s say, and India’s 1.3 Billion strong populace
has had its way. The verdict has swept out an incumbent UPA-2
government led by the congress, and put a NDA government
led by Narendra Damodardas Modi in its place, that too with an
absolute majority. While a decimated UPA is ‘introspecting’ on it’s waning
popularity, the new Modi government is faced with task of meeting the high
expectations it has aroused in a young India with spiralling aspirations its
run-up campaign to the elections … And true to its word, Prime Minister
Modi hit the ground running, and pulled a major diplomatic coup, when
eight heads of state of India’s immediate neighbourhood agreed to be guests
of honour at the swearing-in of the new government. On day two, bilateral
talks were held, as Modi accentuated his foreign policy agenda, to be a
prominant, but not dominant power in the region. Day three saw a lean
and mean team being put in place, in line with Modi’s slogan of “minimum
government, maximum governance.” Day four and five were spent on stocktaking,
seeing the emergence of a 100-day plan with a 10-point agenda to
bring the metaphorical Indian ship back on an even keel.

The new government and its new agenda is the subject matter of our Cover
Feature in this issue, where we seek to give you the reader the maximum
inputs on the new Modi government and his team, and what lies in store
on Indian shores over the next few months, with the minimum of fuss, and
leave it to you to make your own analysis. This issue also offers a new guest
column, which compliments the political slant of this issue as well, and
promises to become a regular feature … Satire. Do look for it! that said, we
still continue with our diaspora reach, albeit more on a politics related front
this time. Our myriad thematic foci also continue, though it is likely you
might miss a few of our regular segments due to space constraint like in our
previous few issues.

Heritage takes you to the Taj Mahal, and acquaints you with some of the
little known facts about the circumstances and the scanarios that prevailed at
the time of its building. Silver Screen features an interview with Rohit Shetty,
and Special Supplement brings you up close and personal with Aman Nath
– artist, restorer, co-founder of INTACH, and the man behind Neemrana
hotels. Travelogue takes you to Chail, to walk amoung clouds at an unspoilt
nook on the himalayan reaches.

Thus it is with this issue, and we do hope you will savour reading it for the
content mix it brings you. Please do favour us with your support on our
outreach, and continue connecting with us, share your thoughts, voice your
aspirations, your concerns and your joyous moments, we will reciprocate.
Talk to us, like us on social media, email us your personal experiences in
lands foreign, our editorial desk awaits to hear from you. Have a great month
ahead, until our next issue !

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