Uzbekistan is indeed a country that has its present glowingly illuminated by the light of bygone centuries, replete with a historical past that dates back to hundreds and thousands of years.  The fortunes of its civilisation and people have over the centuries been intricately interwoven into a complex warp and weave of a panoramic tapestry […]


GOPIO – CT organized an inaugural event of the new team 2020 headed by Businessman Ashok Nichani with the Oath of Office administered by Stamford Mayor David Martin. CT State Representative Matt Blumenthal was a honoured guest. The event was attended by representatives from other institutions such as University of Connecticut, Women’s Mentoring Network, Future […]

70 Years of India's Independence

Towards Reformed & Rejuvenated Realty In its seven decades of journey since independence, the real estate and housing sector, has come a long way from early years of restrictive policies, deficient planning and highly inadequate resources, to reach a progressive, planned , organised and reformative stage, facilitating urban transformation and speedy economic growth. The present […]


Acharya Shivender Nagar, had been in Copenhagen, Denmark on the invitation of SHIV DHAM Denmark for a 2 day Seminar to educate youngsters and Indian community in Denmark. Harmony in relation was discussed during the seminar. Shivender Nagar is the Managing Trustee, Gita Foundation Trust New Delhi, who has been promoting (Prachar) Gita since last […]


चांद पर पहुंच गया यह इंडो-अमेरिकन! इंडो-अमेरिकन नवीन जैन की कंपनी – मून एक्सप्रेस पहली ऐसी प्राइवेट स्पेस कंपनी बनी है जिसे चंद्रमा पर मिशन चलाने को हाल में अमेरिकी सरकार की इजाजत मिली है। जैन (56) ने यह कंपनी स्पेस आंत्रप्रन्योर बॉब रिचर्ड और नासा के पूर्व साइंटिस्ट बर्नी पेल के साथ मिलकर बनाई […]


“How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is … the greatest thing that you can do in life is to live to your peak and to set an example that there is a way to live beyond all limitations … this life for me is an endeavour to help people experience […]

‘चाणक्य नीति’ अध्याय – 3

इस दुनियामे ऐसा किसकाघर है जिस पर कोई कलंक नहीं, वह कौन है जो रोग और दुख से मुक्त है.सदा सुख किसको रहता है? In this world, whose family is there without blemish? Who is free from sickness and grief? Who is forever happy? २. मनुष्य के कुल की ख्याति उसके आचरण से होती है, मनुष्य […]

Brics in Limbo – Should we turn to TICS?

THAILAND, INDIA, CHINA & SOUTH KOREA WORLD’S NEW EMERGING GROWTH ENGINES When a television colossus like CNN restructures its worldwide business coverage and re-launches one of its most popular business news features from Mumbai, it is bound to provide an insight into how the world views the Indian economy. The hour-long “Quest Means Business” special […]

Ndian Achievers Making India Proud

In this special feature, our bureau brings you vignettes of some Indian Achievers, who have made their mark in different endeavours within the Indian economy, carving out a niche for themselves in their respective domains of business and service to society. Each one of them is apropos a success story, telling you about their indomitable […]

Bharat Suresh Joshi Is New British Deputy High Commisioner In Chennai

Bharat Suresh Joshi, a Briton of Indian origin, has replaced Mike Nithavrianakis as the British Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai. Born in 1969 at Croydon, UK, Joshi is the first person of Indian origin to helm the British mission in Chennai, an indication of the growing influence and spread of the Diaspora in the UK. […]