Remembering Fiji Girmitiyas

The year 2020 marks 100 years of the formal abolition of the indentured labour system in Fiji. On 14 May 1879, Leonidas, the first ship carrying 522 Indian indentured labourers, arrived at the port of Levuka, old capital of Fiji. Thus began the journey of over 60,000 indentured labour to the new British colony of […]


GOPIO – CT organized an inaugural event of the new team 2020 headed by Businessman Ashok Nichani with the Oath of Office administered by Stamford Mayor David Martin. CT State Representative Matt Blumenthal was a honoured guest. The event was attended by representatives from other institutions such as University of Connecticut, Women’s Mentoring Network, Future […]

Singapore Tourism Board partners with Zomato – Get Singapore food experience in Delhi

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has partnered with Zomato for Zomaland Season 2, a multicity food and entertainment carnival which has been organized across ten cities in two formats – ‘Zomaland’ in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai; and ‘Zomaland Picnics’ in Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The three-day Delhi edition of Zomaland which […]


The Indian diaspora is present all over five continents. And, it is continuously growing in different parts of the world; according to a report of Indian External Affairs ministry, 4.5 lakh Indian nationals acquired citizenship of different countries in past three years. In spite of their reasons for migrating to other countries and successfully adjusting […]

How to Standout From the Crowd

The concept of status symbols is changing rapidly these days. There used to be a time when being invited to Salman Khan’s sister’s wedding at Hotel Faluknuma would make all your friends and neighbours green with envy. Or, being on the no-frisk list at airports was enough to mark you out as someone very, very […]

Icons of India's Freedom Movement

KHAN ABDUL GHAFFAR KHAN – THE FRONTIER GANDHI Among the great personalities who contributed in no small measure to India gaining freedom from the British yoke, there are many notables who played cardinal roles in mainstreaming the mass movements that were the hallmark of India’s non-violent struggle for independence against the British raj and its […]

Diaspora in India's Freedom Moviement

There are several notables who contributed significantly to India’s freedom struggle, and are icons in the trajectory of the subcontinent attaining freedom from the British yoke. Though this persona played key roles and facilitated several milestones in the attainment of freedom and independence, many of them remain unsung heroes and heroines in our overtly recorded […]

Father of the intel Pentium & AMD K6 Chips

Vinod Dham is popularly known as the Father of the Pentium chip, for his contribution to the development of Intel’s highly successful Pentium processors. He is a mentor, advisor and investor and sits on the boards of many companies, including promising start-ups funded through his India based fund – Indo US Venture Partners, of which […]

Indiaspora The Magnificent Magi Of Silicon Valley

If you grew up in India before the turn of the millennium, you would surely have heard this when you were young. “So and so went to America with just his degree and a handful of dollars in his pocket. All he had with him was his brain and (faith in god/ love for mom/ […]

In Focus

NRI Achievers sought out and spoke to Vijay Haulder, a Deputy Director with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, responsible for and in-charge of the Authority’s forays into the Indian Market. He has been spearheading this endeavour of attracting tourism from India into Mauritius for some decades now. “Like much of Mauritians you might have met […]


NRI Achievers have been after Vayalar Ravi, who steers the ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, for quite some time to interact with us on an exclusive session and talk about his ministry and its various institutions, and the various aspects and issues that concern the Indian Diaspora, both the old and the new. The Minister […]


The Kerala economy is dominated by the service industry. Kerala leads over several other Indian states and territories in terms of per capita GDP and economic productivity. In terms of HDI, Kerala’s record is by far the best in India (The 2011 census shows the state’s HDI to be 0.920, which is higher than that […]


CALYPSO is a style of Afro-Caribbean music that originated in T&T during the early to mid 20th century. The music, which drew upon African and French influences, became the voice of the people, and was characterized by highly rhythmic and harmonic vocals, which were most often sung in a French Creole, led by a Griot. […]


Last month, NRI Achievers got to converse with the High Commissioner of Trinidad & Tobago to India, His Excellency Chandradath Singh, on a fine midwinter day at his residence. A Career Diplomat with a deep love for music, dance and the arts, a Windies cricketeer who can still bowl a tricky lefthanded spin, the High […]