SLM Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is an upcoming media-house based out at New Delhi, India. Our core team is a set of senior media professionals who have been part of the Delhi Press Corps – and more specifically the domains of print media, publishing, electronic media both radio & TV, for more than three decades. Our flagship publication is a monthly, “NRI ACHIEVERS.” This magazine is focused on our Diaspora, and endeavors to connect our offshore natives to their home nation, bridging the gap and disconnect – however small – that exists between India and our Diaspora across the world.

NRI Achievers has just completed four years, and has succeeded in attracting the attention and appreciation of the fraternity and the industry through its popularity in the NRI-PIO community, and by virtue of becoming one of the de-facto links between our Diaspora and their homeland.

Over the years the Indian Diaspora have carved a swath for themselves in the host countries they migrated to, be it places like the Americas, the Persian Gulf, Europe, Africa, South East Asia or Australia. Many Indians have earned plaudits for themselves and for India in the process. NRI Achievers aims at providing a platform linking these largely unknown Indians in different countries and continents, by featuring Diaspora contributions, achievements and successes.

Our Reach:

Our magazine exhibits a sizeable and growing reach – it goes to Indian missions, well-known NRI/PIO/OCI associations, apex trade federations, etc., not to mention a steadily growing subscription base among influential individuals both in India and abroad. Countries with substantial presence of Indian Diaspora like the US, UK & Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand & Oceania, GCC countries, China, Singapore, the African Continent, Europe et al., constitute our main e-reader base.