The past one month period was important for two milestone dates. The first was August 15, when the Prime Minister of the country holds forth from the ramparts of the Red Fort to chart out the trajectory of the nation for yet another year, the second was September 2, when NDA completed 100 days in office. The PM’s speech on I-Day was both a touch inspiring as well as down to earth, it broke some conventions and set some records. The ‘100-days’ FDR gold-standard, however, seems like it’s going to pass by without much ado, no publicity blitzkrieg and no swasbuckling campaign but a mere set of press briefs, though media is likely to invite to its podia political and economist pundits and other expert commentators to measure the government’s performance in microscopic fashion. We will albeit take the middle path, with a non-partisan commentary that will blend reporting with a mild drawing of inferences at best.

What impact has the government’s steps of the past months had sectorally? Business is giving Modi Sarkar the thumbs-up, sentiment in the market is upbeat, and expectations are high, with the world at large is more or less appreciative of India’s considered stand on international affairs. You are likely to find our Cover Feature this issue to be thoda hatke, a bit off-beat. We profile a personality who is neither an NRI nor in business, and we feature an institution which has not much written about. It has a profile, an awesome photo-essay, and interesting nuggests of information as well …

Our other thematic foci also continue, Dossier portrays on the one hand a team, and on the other an achiever, while Heritage researches the ‘Hexagram’ and looks for parallels across cultures. Travelogue takes you on a journey to Pondicherry, while Real Estate brings you a bouquet of perspectives in light of the myriad measures contemplated for the sector via the Union Budget. Silver Screen introduces you to “Mary Kom,” and news from across the board is available through Business Buzz, News Scan & The Small Screen, while politics finds its place as well. We would like to hear from you how you like our content mix, the features, imagery, profiles and stories in this magazine of yours, and yes, do take heart, we are feedback driven, all those suggestions and advice of yours on adding heft, including more segments and bringing back past themes are all in the pipeline, we aim to please, despite our limitations. Do favour us with your continued involvement, and help us improve our outreach. Share your own stories, thoughts and experiences, talk to us, email us, like us on social media, and participate in making your magazine even better ! The NRI Achievers desk is at your service.

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