Delhi is agog with election fever, with several phases of the mammoth polling exercise already over in several states, and a few more to go over the next fortnight, as it stands even as we go to print with this issue. The scenario is similar in the states and territories that are yet tyo go to the polls over the next two weeks before the announcement of the results on the 16th of May. The feverish pitch over the past two months has meant that normal activities have taken a backseat, and all the dirty-talk, mudslinging et al., being indulged by the Netas are more in the limelight. Though politics is all that is centrestage today, there are lighter moments as well, with the EU banning export of Indian mangoes, resulting in a glut of the khaas varieties of the ubuiquitous mango on fruitsellers’ shelves, which has evoked a positively delighted response from the aam aadmi. On the diaspora front, we have yet another Indian origin techie taking over the helm of a 147 year old european telecom major, with Rajiv Suri donning the mantle of CEO over at finnish NOKIA.

Added to all this, at NRI Achievers after staying off the beaten track for two months now, we have perforce had to bite the bullet, and bring you a taste of the political mood pervading the country, through a new segment we are introducing this issue, Realpolitik. But we have not sacrificed Diaspora reach on the altar of politics, instead it continues, albeit with a different flavour … our various keystone themes also continue, though you might be missing a few of our regular segments due to constraint of space in this issue.

Congruent with this scanario, we have a focus on Dubai in our Cover Feature, and we highlight two Indian entrepreneurs who currently operate out of the Emirates. We also bring you an example of how one man’s determination and effort has seen the raising of an impressive edifice in Dubai that has been a long lasting demand from his community. Heritage tells you about the swastika, a symbol that finds universal acceptance across various cultures, Silver Screen brings you an interview with young Alia Bhatt, and travelogue takes you to Dubai, and on a desert safari amoung other things.

So things stand, and we hope you will enjoy reading this current issue of ours. And we do extend our hearty thanks to those of you readers who have made that little bit of effort and connected with us so far, sharing your life experiences, your aspirations, your problems and your prospects, we are glad. And for those who are still reluctant to reach out to us, we urge you to write/email us your thoughts, or narrate stories of those others who inspire you, and what they have achieved. Our editorial desk is as ever open to your inputs, we would love to hear from you, about you, about your communities and your life. Have a great day!

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