Delhi once again has been a happening place over the last month, what with the city government abdicating, and the political class spouting vitriol all over the media channels and products in their attempt to get their election stands across. Campaigns and mega-rallys are the norm, with the standards of public debate touching a new nadir, even as accusations, counter-accusations, and choice insults are traded over the public domain. And whistlestop tours being undertaken by both NaMo and RaGa to woo the populace for the mandate, each according to his own devices and manner and methods.

A way from all the frenetic activity on that front, we at NRI Achievers chose to take some time off to once again refocus on our agenda. Diaspora reach has been our focus right from day one, and so it remains even now. However, while we adopted a content mix that would attempt to satisfy as many a palate as possible, it did sometimes result in some slips between cups and lips, as some readers did strive to point out to us via their feedback. So this time round, we have tried to specially reiterate that original focus, and are featuring a set of achievers who are all of Indian origin, irrespective of where they are in the world, in our cover story and special feature. And then we have tried to wrap our various keystone themes all around this main feature.

The elevation of Satya Nadella to the post of Microsoft’s CEO has set in motion an interesting debate on Brain Drain and Brain Gain in many quarters. So much so that even a politician like Narendra Modi referrred to such in one of his election rallies, exhorting India to create precisely such opportunities here and build such mega-corporations right here within the domestic economy. All said and done, in one sense the priorities of the old diaspora who journeyed from our shores in the yesteryears almost a couple of centuries ago as indentured labour and choose to stay on in their host countries, and the priorities of today’s new disapora, the ubuquitous NRI migrating in hordes to seek their El Dorados abroad, irrespective of whether they be white-collar MBAs and Engineers, or blue collar skilled/semi-skilled Artisan-Craftsmen, Turners, Fitters, Mechanics, Carpenters or Masons, the priorities still remain the same … a yearning for a better life and a quest for better opportunities.

We have attempted here to chart some life trajectories of diaspora achievers, from both the old and the new waves of migration, in a special feature we bring out beginning this edition, starting with an interaction with a fifth generation disapora, the High Commissioner of the Republic of Fiji to India. While it is true that all those we have featured are in a way the creme de la creme, and not the average NRI, PIO or OCI who remains largely unheard of and unsung about, be rest assured that this is but a beginning we make here, with all the intentions to further build this as a platform up to assimilate precisely that large segment of overseas Indians.

So it is our sincere request that you make the effort to connect with us and share your life experiences, your aspirations, your problems and your prospects with us. If you are reticent to write about yourselves, you could perforce share the stories, trails and tribulations of others who inspire you, and what they have achieved. Our editorial desk is henceforth open to you, just communicate and we would love to hear from you, about you and about your role models and your communities. Good day!

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