Deja Vu time once again, the month of march has gone by, and the environment across the nation is supercharged with the election fever. Equations are being worked and reworked, opinion polls are doing the rounds, and hectic confabulations of political parties on electoral alliances and post-electoral alignments are the talk of the day. In this milieu, most other activity that is staple for us seems to have taken on a lower key profile, with Netas and netagiri grabbing media eyeballs on most television channels, and even dominating newspaper coverage. The malaysian airline MH370 is yet to be found, even as the sighting of some debris down under holds some hope for concrete information about the lost souls who bourded that fateful airliner. On the sporting front, the mega multi-million IPL has stormclouds overhanging its fate this season, what with the Supreme Court of India coming down strongly on the BCCI while adjudicating last season’s betting scam. All told, an interesting melange of matters, with sugar, spice and what have you.

Away from all the frenetic activity on that front, we at NRI Achievers chose to take some time off and go a bit off the beaten track, sticking to the refocus we bagan with our last issue. Diaspora reach continues, and we feature another set of achievers who are all of Indian origin in our cover story and special feature. Our various keystone themes like last time are once again wrapped in as attractive a way as possible all around this main feature.

Continuing with the debate on Brain Drain and Brain Gain, we take a look at Diaspora endeavors in other quarters, and other economies. So much so that our team, currently at Dubai for the SMEWORLD summit, is busy forging alliances for enlarging our reach to the Gulf and its large Indian communities. And so a new member joins out core team, Shantanu AP, himself a successful entrepreneur and NRI Achiever, about whom we talk more in our pages later.

We have attempted here to chart some more life trajectories of diaspora achievers in our special feature. Though it may still be pointed out that those we are featuring may in many ways belong to an elite group and not the ubiquitous Indian NRI in the street, be rest assured that efforts are on to build a platform through which we may garner quality content from a larger footprint of the diaspora in the issues to come. And yes, the game is afoot, partner, on building up precisely that platform, which will serve as both a forum, resource, and knowledgebank that will cater to that large segment of overseas Indians.

So it is that we repeat here our sincere request that you as the reader do make that little bit of effort and connect with us to share your life experiences, your aspirations, your problems and your prospects. If you are reticent to write about yourselves, you could perforce share the stories, trails and tribulations of those others who inspire you, and what they have achieved. Our editorial desk is open to you, just communicate and we would love to hear from you, about you and about your role models and your communities. Have a great day!

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