October has been an eventful month, what with two elections to state assemblies which brought the Bharatiya Janata Party to power with a full majority in Haryana, and a hung assembly in Maharashtra with the BJP as the single largest party. While the state has already seen the swearing in of a minority government, the NCP queering the pitch with its offer of unconditional support has pushed the 20year partnership of the BJP-Shiv Sena in the state to the brink. Meanwhile, the Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas took place in London with India’s Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj in attendance, and Supreme Court activism at home forced the hand of the NDA government to hand over a list of 627 names of Indians who held swiss bank accounts, potentially violating privacy clauses in international agreements.

This and other topics jostle for attention in our current issue, even as our editorial team travels to Mauritius, to cover the 180th anniversary of the arrival of Indians on its soil as indentured labour. We will bring you a longish special feature on it in our next edition. And after mulling over it for a long time, we have on our own kick started a ‘give-back’ initiative, but more on that later. Our Cover Feature falls back on our regular staple of ‘Diaspora Connect,’ and features a longstanding parliamentarian of Indian origin, besides bringing you vignettes and mini-profiles of several achievers from across the globe. Global Events covers Diaspora activities that took place at the Regional PBD in London, analysing thoughts and ideas brought to the table at the event. We also feature a bunch of Britons of Indian origin who have made a mark for themselves. Our other thematic foci continue, Heritage digs heartily into the ubiquitous ‘Samosa’ and connects it to Pythagoras of Samos, Travelogue takes you on a second installment of Poland by featuring Krakow, while Real Estate brings you a bouquet of perspectives in light of the myriad measures contemplated for the sector through new government policies. Silver Screen interviews Ranveer Singh, and news from across the board is available through Business Buzz, News Scan & Cineppets , while Realpolitik embarks on an analysis of options available for the government to push through key reforms during the winter session of parliament and bring out a landmark budget in February 2015.

Satire takes a dig at the Sena-BJP imbroglio, and Indian Achievers continues as well, once again in cameo form, featuring some mini-profiles of a select few entrepreneurial greats from our own home turf. Now coming back to that initiatve we hinted at earlier, we have taken a step that is a tiny bit of ‘giving back’ by us, to the diaspora community, and yes that means you! We in our own little way, have instituted an annual Puraskaar,’ the NRI ACHIEvERS BAdGEoFHoNouR, to show our appreciation to the indomitable spirit of the overseas Indian in surmounting all odds and reaching for success in their endeavours. Look for more details in our forthcoming issues, and on our website! And yes, do write to us, email us, like us on social media! The NRI Achievers desk awaits feedback and nominations from you! Have a great month ahead. Cheers !

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