Allow us to start with wishing all of you readers the best, greatest and the most enjoyable times ahead this upcoming festive season! The month of September apropos has been a hectic time indeed for the Indian government, with frenetic activity all round. With the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, the Commerce & Industries Minister Nirmala Sitaraman and the President of India Mr. Pranab Mukerjee, not to mention the PM Narendra Modi embarking upon a diplomatic blitzkrieg at various fora, the month did indeed provide much grist for the mill. Added to all this, while the NDA chose not to go overboard with it’s achievements in 100 days of being in office and chose to stay away from any mass campaign, the capital did see a whole slew of ministries organising press conferences with a view to put forth their report cards on performance in a more discreet manner.

While the economy has turned a bit bouyant and sentiment that reigns is on the positive side – industry’s glass seems more half-full than half-empty – there is still apprehension that unless all this is followed up by action on the ground, the impact of the government’s initiatives taken so far will come to naught. You will find our Cover Feature this issue focusing on PM Modi’s overtures to the international community, while our Special Feature is a mix of multiple segments … we feature a photo essay on London, host city to the Regional PBDs, accompanied by an eclectic collection of a few companion pieces. By the way, this also includes a brief curtain raiser to the RPBD. Our other thematic foci continue, Dossier brings you mini-profiles of Diaspora who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective host countries, while Heritage talks about Diwali and what it means to different communities in the region. Travelogue takes you on a journey to Warsaw, while Real Estate brings you an update on urbanisation. Silver Screen interviews SRK, the Khan of Khans, and news from across the board is available through News Scan, Cineppets and The Small Screen, while while Satire takes you on a humour trip. Your exclusive preview of our companion magazine, the ‘Indian Achievers,’ continues in cameo form, with mini-profiles of six evocative indian success stories from the corporate world.

As always, we are keen to hear from you. Do share your thoughts on how we have structured our content mix, the features, imagery, profiles and stories, and yes, all those suggestions and advice from readers on adding heft, including more segments and bringing back past themes are all in the pipeline. While we do aim to please, please be kind to us, we do have our own limitations. Favour us with your continued patronage and involvement, and help us improve our outreach. Share the magazine with your circle of friends, your communities, and contribute to the richness of content by sending us your stories, thoughts and experiences. Talk to us, email us, and like us on social media ! The NRI Achievers desk is at your service. And once again, let me close here with greetings to you … have a great Dussehra ! … Eid Mubarak! … Happy Diwali !

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