Happy New Year ! Even as 2015 kindles new hopes and spiraling aspirations, the outgoing 2014 was indeed a watershed year for India. We saw a sea-change sweeping our polity, with the 150-year old Congress party fading to the background in ignominious defeat, and the BJP sweeping the polls to come to power with an absolute majority, making Narendra Modi our man of the year. Not only did he succed in engineering the BJP’s victory through tireless campaigning, astute use of the social, electronic and conventional media, and striking the right chords of development, good governance and transparency, but he also managed to hit the ground running, aggressively pushing the monolithic Indian bureaucratic establishment to pull up its socks, streamlining ministries and freeing them from a silo-like approach on the domestic front, but also ensured a series of diplomatic coups on the international front right from day one. On the economic front, we saw sentiment curving upwards, reflected in a marked improvement on investment inflows, and an overall tinge of hope as the wheels of our ponderous economy started moving once again. This mood also pervaded the diaspora community, who too switched to a more optimistic view of India.

NRI Achievers too crossed a milestone, with having been accorded official reporting partner status for the upcoming Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2015 at Ahmedabad. Thus, this issue is indeed special for us. Our Cover Feature this issue focuses on some movers and shakers of the diaspora community, and a clutch of Indian Achievers who epitomise the entrepreneurial spirit. The segment Great Indians we ushered in last issue continues, this time featuring the frontier Gandhi, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan. We have expanded our Real Estate section this issue to bring you a cross section of views from the sector, ranging from expert commentators to domain experts to entrepreneurs from the domain. Our other thematic foci also continue, with Heritage taking the narrative to the Tomar kings of Delhi, Travelogue roping you in for a wildlife safari to Kaziranga in Assam. Realpolitik looks at Modi’s diplomacy and its repercussions. Silver Screen brings you an exclusive interview with superstar Rajinikanth, while news on milestone happenings, business and cinema are present in News Scan, Business Buzz & Cineppets. And so do things stand, here is to hoping that you will enjoy reading this current issue of ours. And we do extend our hearty thanks to those of you readers who have made that little bit of effort and connected with us so far, sharing your life experiences, your aspirations, your problems and your prospects, we are glad. And for those who are still reluctant to reach out to us, we urge you to write/email us your thoughts, or narrate stories of those others who inspire you, and what they have achieved. Our editorial desk is as ever open to your inputs, we would love to hear from you, about you and about your communities and your life. Do write to us, email us, like us on social media! The NRI Achievers desk is at your service, awaiting all your feedback and nominations! In the meantime, do have a happy new year, a great month ahead, and enjoy this issue. Cheers !

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