STAR Plus’ new show ‘Nisha aur uske Cousins’ has a lot happening behind the scenes before the show goes on air. The actors have been undergoing rigorous training to get into the skin of their character. They have been working on their body language, voice modulation and dialogue delivery, all to make sure that they do their best onscreen. But the one person who has undergone complete transformation is Aneri Vajani who was last seen in ‘Crazy Stupid Ishq’. Aneri who essays the role of the main protagonist Nisha, plays a very challenging role as she essays the character of a tomboy. Aneri in fact feels that her character of a tomboy is inspired somewhat from Anjali’s character in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ as except for being a tomboy like Anjali, Nisha also sports a short hair do on the show. Aneri comments on her role saying, “When I got a call confirming that I will be playing Nisha it was like a dream. I have done a few shows till now but this role is very different and a little challenging. I have been undergoing various workshops to get into the tomboy character. From talking to even my walking style has changed. But what was most difficult was letting go of my long locks and sporting a short hair do as once your hair is gone it takes time to grow back and I didn’t want to regret my decision. But the short hair was necessary for the tomboy character portrayed by Nisha so to do justice to it, I went ahead with the decision to chop off my hair”. Catch ‘Nisha aur uske Cousins’ soon on STAR Plus.

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