Google the above title text and all you will find is “Prithvi Raj Chauhan.” While Prithvi Raj Chauhan was a brave fighter indeed and a noble emperor of Ajmer and Delhi, who ruled from 1169 CE to 1192 CE and the tales of his bravery are common folklore among Indian families, very few historians and learned writers talk about the Hindu emperors who came to power after him. In this article we will talk about an emperor who ruled Northern India and virtually the entire India of today after Prithvi Raj Chauhan, from his throne in Delhi.


Alauddin Khilji attacked Gujarat in 1297 AD under the command of Ulugh Khan and Nusrat Khan, defeating the last Hindu Ruler of Gujarat, Karan Vaghela. Before the Khilji forces killed leaders Hamirji Gohil and Vegado Bhil near Somnath, Vagedo took a promise from one of his loyal to escape and take revenge on Khilji. This loyal came to Delhi as a war prisoner nd converted to Islam. He was given the name ‘Hasan’ and later Qutubuddin Mubarak Shah of Khilji dynasty gave him the name ‘Khusro Khan.’ It is said that Khusro Khan got Alauddin Khilji killed through his friend Jahiriya and later managed to kill his master Mubarak Shah, declaring himself the king of Delhi. But in just 4 months, he was captured and killed by Khilji’s loyal general Ghyasuddin Tughlaq, who after that formed his own dynasty, the ‘Tughlaq Dynasty.’ Khusro Khan was against laws which favoured a tax system based on religion. It is said that he was also against women being treated as war booty. He took strong steps to prevent harems and sex slaves. Perhaps his own sufferings made him think this way but this caused the nobles of that period to go against him.

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