For our readers in the United States of America, it might be interesting to know that Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a self-realised yogi, mystic, seer, visionary, and prominent spiritual leader from India, will be touring the US from mid-September to mid-October.  Sadhguru, who is also a prolific author, poet, an internationally-acclaimed speaker and founding father of the Isha Foundation – a not-for-profit dedicated to human well-being that promotes yoga, meditation and balanced living as the path for doing away with the ills of our hectic lives, will be in the US to promote his new book, “Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy,” which is scheduled to be released to the American public this September on the 20th, for promoting which Sadhguru plans to travel and mingle with people interested in improving their lives.

Sadhguru has specifically designed the book as an aid and help for one to master nature’s most sophisticated and complex machine on the planet — the human being.  And Sadhguru will, for the first time, present Western readers with a path through the adoption of which one could achieve absolute well-being.  Well-being via the classical science and practice of yoga in the form of a practical, accessible book.  The distilled wisdom contained in this transformative book offers readers time-tested tools for creating inner scenarios exactly the way one would want them, turning each practitioner into the architect of his or her own joy.  In Inner Engineering, Sadhguru retells the fascinating story of his own awakening, his transition from a boy to a young daredevil, up to the moment of his enlightenment atop a mountain in India where time stood still and he emerged radically and qualitatively transformed, and even right up to this day, when as the founder of Isha he lights up the path for all those millions who come to him.

In Sadhguru’s own words, his aim in this book is, “… to help make joy your constant companion. To make that happen, this book offers you not a sermon but a science, not a teaching but a technology, not a precept but a path.”


September 16 Yale University Private
September 17 Boston, MA Public
September 20 New York City, NY Public
September 21 Harvard University Private
September 22 New Brunswick, NJ Public
September 23 Washington, DC Public
September 25 Sarasota, FL Public
September 27 Austin, TX Public
September 28 Dallas, TX Public
October 1 Pasadena, CA Public
October 2 San Jose, CA Public
October 5 Seattle, WA Public
October 6 Vancouver, BC Public
October 8 Minneapolis, MN Public
October 9 Nashville, TN Public
October 12 University of Wisconsin Public
October 13 Chicago, IL Public


So meet, mingle and meditate with Sadhguru when he is in your city, and have him answer your questions.

For details for your specific city, go to:

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