Want to come across as classy and at the same time look sexy as well? Try a one-shoulder dress. Designers experiment regularly with this style, and Bollywood divas too often opt for this at galas and shows. You too could carry this look. Read on.

Confused what to wear for that upcoming cocktail party of a friend ? Or just keen to experiment with a nice style for an evening bash ? You couldn’t go wrong with fashion-1 a one shoulder dress. Follow the trend Bollywood hotties like Bipasha Basu, Ameesha Patel, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone et al., are playing with, and throw shyness to the winds … go ahead, display a ‘shoulder act’ !

Though one-shoulder dresses have been worn by many a diva for the past few years, this style has been experiencing a renewed appeal since the turn of the last year. The Fashion Frat and the Fashion Pundits are all calling this one of the hottest new trends of this current year. That’s why one is seeing this one-shoulder pattern propagating from LBDs to long flowy gowns. What’s more. Several designers have assimilated this and incorporated it in their new Indian wear collections as well.

Designer Abhi Singh says, “One shoulder-dresses not only give a classy look, but simultaneously highlight sensuality in any apparel. With the right mix and match, this can be worn at any time and for any occasion. You can don it to an afternoon ‘do’, or use it to give you that ‘killer’ look for your engagement celebrations.”


fashion-3Before donning a one-shoulder dress, it is important to know your strengths. Your shoulders and back have to be in proper shape, and the exposed areas of your shoulder and back have to be smooth and clean, to make that lasting impression you want style and aplomb. Designer Pallavi Mohan suggests, “If a woman is not confident about her arms or back, she must stay away from this style. If not handled carefully, or if she doesn’t carry herself well in this dress, it could ruin her looks and grace.”

To make the style work, it’s important to choose a bra that does not peek out of the dress. A strapless bra can work splendidly with a one-shoulder dress. Convertible bras are also a good option to carry with such dresses.

When choosing jewelry to go with a one-shoulder dress, do remember that the unique neckline of the dress should be the main attraction point. Thus, keeping jewelry simple is the key to styling such a dress. Jewelry designer Monica Sharma says, “Wearing a statement neckpiece with a statement neckline can kill your style. Rather choosing a simple but elegant necklace that sits high on the neck will be an ideal choice.”

fashion-2If your dress has some decoration on the shoulder, like a bow or a flower, you could simply consider avoiding the neck accessory altogether. Having said that, dangling and attention-grabbing ear pieces will do wonders for you when in such a dress.

Choosing an appropriate hairstyle is of particular importance, as it can affect the impact of your dress. You can either tie up your hair in an attractive way, or you could simply leave your hair loose. But it will do you good to remember that when wearing a one-shoulder dress, you should always wear your long hair swept over the side of the dress that has the strap or sleeve, and not obscure the unique cut. With short hair, soft curls will be a pretty good win-win choice.

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