NRI Achievers grasped the opportunity of the recently concluded elections and the landslide win of the BJP, which has garnered a full majority on the floor of the Lok Sabha, to organise a panel discussion centered on the topic of the ‘Importance of Social Equality in the Making of New India’ (Bharat ke Navnirman mein Samajik Samrasta ka Mahatva) at the India Internation Centre in Delhi. Several newly elected BJP MPs, along with a few prominent bureaucrats and representatives of the corporate and business community in the city, were present. The programme was supported by IDS, an international design and architectural company, based out of Dubai and Noida. This event, which initially was concieved as a facilitation ceremony for newly elected members of parliament, worked out to be quite a successful affair, prompting us to decide to hold such panel discussions more often in the future, where lawmakers, industry and business, and senior officials of government could meet on one single platform and debate, discuss issues that concern different sections of the economy.



It has been estimated that more than a thousand Punjabi NRIs from several countries landed up in their home state to participate and canvass during the recently concluded Lok sabha elections. NRIs have come from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France especially for the elections in the state, which went to the polls on April 30th in Punjab. “NRIs are taking a lot of interest in Lok Sabha elections this time. They are keen to have new and a responsive political system, which is why they are participating and helping political parties,” says NRI Sabha Punjab President, Jasvir Singh Gill. According to ex-MLA Jassi Khangura, between 1,000 and 1,500 NRIs have especially come for Lok Sabha elections. “NRIs have come in huge number this time. But their strength is not as much as we see in assembly polls,” Khangura averred. NRIs have also been seeking the right to vote online, as it was difficult for NRIs to come all the way from foreign lands just for voting purposes.

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