Getting that American university degree is back on the popularity charts. Latest data shows an increase of 50% in visas issued to Indian students since last year. Incidentally, this could finally buck the trend for the last two years. There are about 1,00,270 students currently studying in the United States.

According to US consulate services, 5,600 student visas have been issued in India between October 2012-February 2013 marking a 50% increase since last year. Students from India make up approximately 13.1% of the total foreign student population in the United States.

Speaking on the rise in student visas, US Embassy representative Josh Glazeroff said, “We are seeing really big growth in student visa issuance so far … For us it is a huge jump … really positive”. The consular services in conjunction with the US-India Educational Foundation (USEIF) has in recent months targeted not just schools in metro cities but Tier II cities as well.

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