As political temperature soars ahead of key state elections and the big battle in 2014, partisanship has gripped the virtual world, which now offers loyalists numerous apps and games to indulge their frustration, support or appetite for information. Android has come up with an app on Modi in which that offers game play similar to the classic Prince of Persia game, the player must help Narendra Modi jump high across challenges to reach the ballot. There are 18 levels, representing 18 states, and when you clear all levels, you will have helped Modi navigate the biggest challenge of his political career.

In Aam Run, a game the developer Greedy Game Media says is developed with the support and permission of the Aam Aadmi Party, the gameplay involves helping a character that resembles Arvind Kejriwal jump and duck through a series of obstacles such as police barricades,water cannons and black money.Periodically you have to clear the Jhaadu bar to progress.

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