Aiming at a higher market share, leading personal computer maker Lenovo has launched its new Yoga Tablet priced between Rs 22,999 to Rs 28,999, for the 20.3 cm and 25.4 cm models, respectively, a company officials said. The Tab has been ergonomically designed to provide a longer and more comfortable Tablet viewing experience. “Increasing market share with launch of new products is our ambition, but a lot depends on how the market takes our new products … let’s wait and see how the market responds to it …,” Lenovo India Director (Consumer Business) Shailendra Katyal said. “Two years ago we had about 8~10 per cent market share in the consumer PC business, and we have moved to 13% during the whole of last year. This year in Q2 — I’m happy to share that we have assumed the number two position, and our market share has gone up to 17% according to IDC. So clearly we are building a very strong momentum with our core business, which is PC business in the consumer space.”

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