Even as we border on the verge of a new age of quality living within urban environs, we are simultaneously entering a cusp in terms of environmentally conscious development, that can be both sustainable and ‘green’ – environment friendly. This concern with what we are doing to the environment has seeped into the real estate sector as well of late, where more and more players in the field are laying higher emphasis on green structures. In this trend, one developer based out of the Delhi NCR region, the Earth Group of Companies, has taken environmental sustainability, green buildings and organic planning into the core rationale and mandate of their business.NRI Achievers brings you a short feature on the company…

Areal estate conglomerate with a pan-India presence, the Earth group was in fact founded on Earth Day on the 22nd of April 2010 to encapsulate elements of sustainable living experiences through its residential and commercial projects. The company, popularly known as Earth Infra, thanks to its visionary team of dedicated professionals from fields as diverse as finance and marketing, construction and logistics et al., has in a short time of four years managed to position itself as one of the fastest growing ventures in the real estate space countrywide. Significantly, the fast growth notwithstanding, Earth has not paused in its core beliefs, maintaining a fine equilibrium between accelerated development and preserving natures fine balance with respect to ecosystems. Even when others were skeptical about the feasibility of environment friendly structures in construction activity within urban townships, Earth Infra managed to emerge as one of the founding members of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), and successfully introduce several new and innovative technologies and practices that are today looked upon as design and construction best practices in the industry.

To day, Earth Infra is reckoned as one of the better known and well capitalised real estate companies in the country. With its unceasing pursuit of excellence in the real estate space both in residential projects as well as the creation of commercial spaces, using innovation and bleeding-edge technology on all its projects, it has managed to raise the bar on quality of construction and sustainable systems within living and commercial space. It has also build up a good in-house resource that seeks to be a blend of strong financial background and engineering expertise, which puts the company in the class of a top of the line infrastructure provider. The Earth Group has a team of well qualified dynamic young professionals, highly experienced in the real estate industry. The structured and unified marketing model followed by Earth’s team has helped in building up a resilient and strong network of channel partners, both in the residential and the commercial segments. Much of the credit for transforming the company from a mere idea into a flourishing enterprise goes to the entrepreneurial acumen of the quartet of Joint Managing Directors of the group – Avdhesh Goel, Atul Gupta, Rajnish Mittal and Vikas Gupta. Under the chieftainship of this foursome, the company advocates, encourages and has imlemented a bottom-up approach to marketing and sales, which places heavy emnphasis on feedback from customers and network partners. In this digital age where information and communication technologies rule supreme over the means of information flow back and forth, appropriate tools are being identified, adopted and put to work to upgrade the training and skill development of a workforce exceeding two thousand, who work round the clock at the companies two score branches spread across the country. Professionally managed customer care centres handle all enquiries, feedback and complaints.

Avdesh Goel’s domain expertise is in the fields of Finance and Accounting. An explorer to the core when it comes to creating ideas in consonance with building business innovation, it was he who espoused the cause initially, and helped create this unique real estate brand through meaningful environment friendly construction. Atul Gupta leads the sales and marketing team of the Earth group, and also oversees strategic and financial tieups. Prior to his association with the Earth group, he had a successful career as a management consultant, a start-up CEO and a chief strategist with a diverse set of portfolios. Rajnish Mittal’s name emerges naturally whenever one talks of convergence between architecture and construction. As a professional with a deep intellectual and analytical approach, Rajnish has done a yeoman’s job in placing and positioning the Earth group at whereit stands today. Vikas Gupta has been a serial entrepreneur and is applauded widely for his insights and intuitive business decisions. Vikas has contributed immensely to the company’s growth as a top-notch real estate brand that is committed to bringing in quality projects and providing hassle-free dealings for customers. Talking to us about the ethos of the company, its mandate, focus and vision, the JMDs were clear on the direction they were going in … here are some excerpts: “One can define and achieve success only through adoption of the right approach. It’s only the approach that matters to be able to build an empire and sustain it. We were marketing for others before we founded this company, and frankly, it was all because of the right approach that we are able to kickstart 12 projects in the last four years, and we will soon be delivering four of them in 2015.” “It is only the approach that drives the company to do something great to the environment, society and customers at large. We want this approach to flow from us to all our employees as well, which will then help us manifold in reaching the customer and take them along with us on each project delivered right on time. Thinking from the customers’ point of view and placing the customer first was the approach that has made our journey different. Our corporate mantra is to move with the customer mindset and deliver all our projects in timely manner, and provide a product much better than what the customer anticipates.” With a view to ensure responsive planning, design and implementation in all its projects, the group has made it a point to seek out and forge synergistic relationships with a whole slew of architects, designers and construction contractors who are in tune with their core principles of maintaining a fine balance between development and nature’s ecosystems. Partners and collaborators hark from both outside and within India, some from such diverse countries as the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Canada et al. Needless to say, the group’s focus and efforts have tended to bring in a new dimension to all their projects. The interest, enthusiasm and integrity that permeates all levels of the enterprise go a long way in ensuring a global design which enhances structural and aesthetic solutions, at the same time guaranteeing longevity of the properties built by them.

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