Applauded by US President Barack Obama for his contribution to society through music, Inder says he is blessed
to be into music, and feels that a lot more needs to be done to promote soul stirring notes.In his brief visit to India a couple of months ago, Inder said, “I feel music should be in the forefront and not dependant upon movies. Music is a friend,music is therapy, music gives inspiration,music can change your mood, music is the best companion one can ever have. It rejuvenates, cures and lifts your soul,” Inder remarked. “We should make good songs,independent of movies. Indian songs are gaining popularity not only in the country but also abroad,” heavers. “More and more people in the western world are loving our songs, especially those of the soul stirring sufi variety, which are gaining popularity day in and day out.

Our pop songs have also got a special place abroad, and are being appreciated by Americans and music lovers all over. With the ever increasing popularity of Indian music many foreigners today love to dance to its rhythm,” according to Inder.Inder has been liked not just by the Indian community and honoured by President Obama, but also the governor, the mayor, senators and congressmen for his work in music. With more than a dozen awards and honours as
feathers in his cap, ISR has earned a well-deserved name in the world of music, and attracts many talented singers
to his group. Among the artists are Rasshe Rraga and Arnie B. Rashee was the contender in SaReGaMa and earned quite a name there. Arnie B is a third generation playback singer, currently awaiting his debut project in Bollywood to release soon. His work also includes a tribute song to Sachin Tendulkar called “Master Blaster”, which also led to the Shane Warne track “King Of Spin” for his clothing line.

The song “King of Spin” made headlines in CNN,Yahoo, Fox Sports and sky among other media.After his success with sports songs,ISR teamed up with Arnie B for “Ferrari Jaisi Car”, which went on to top multiple music charts. When asked what the goal of the ISR brand is, he replied “To give music its own legs, and not have to depend on movies or actors to make it popular, to bring the real people in music to the forefront and not have somebody else take credit for work they did. Beyonce is not a playback singer, so why do our singers have to sing for an actor when they are just as good to perform their own songs ? Beyonce does not need movies, why should singers in India?”.Very Interesting view from somebody who grew up in the US of A, who feels singers in India should be in front and
not in the back (playback). With his latest song “#Hello” sung by Rashee playing on TV and giving that mainstream vibe, he is clearly on a right track to help establish similar music trends in India as it exists in the USA or other countries.

“The new era of music is upon us,and team ISR is leading the charge,” Inder says. Inder went to the US when he was 10 years of age. With a passion for music, he set up his music company.His latest album ‘Hello Hello’ is in the market and is gaining publicity through social media.

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