Anupam Kher is all to feature in a documentary series about incredible schools around the world. The actor will be seen as part of one of the most prestigious Bollywood training institution in India.The 13 part episode series is being produced by a Montreal-based production company Eur’ka Productions about incredible schools around the world. The
filming of the series, currently entitled SCHOOLS LIKE NO OTHERS, will take place in 2013 for broadcast on TV5 in Canada in 2014. The series will travel to every continent in this year (2013) to document the most unusual and innovative schools around the world. The objective of this series is to discover new teaching methods and philosophies, and at the same time to gain insight about the various cultures as they go on exploring different types of teaching methods. In total, 26 amazing schools will be featured. Each one-hour episode will highlight two institutions seen through the eyes of its students, teachers and leaders. They will explore the curriculum, philosophy, history and teaching methods of each school, with an emphasis placed on practical activities.

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