A Sydney-based Indian couple donated the organs of their seven-year old son after his death, giving Maharashtra its youngest ever organ donor and four people a fresh shot at life. Among the beneficiaries was a seven-year-old girl from Goregaon who had been given only a few weeks to live, till Deyaan Udani’s heart saved her. Dr Vijay Agrawal, who performed the surgery, said it was very rare that such a perfect match of age and weight was found. Deyaan, along with his parents and nine-year-old sister, was to fly back to Sydney on January 22, but collapsed just two hours before they were to head to the international airport. The family was holidaying in India and thought his complaints of headache could be related to travel fatigue. They rushed him to Nanavati Hospital, where multiple clots were found in his brain. The Jain family, originally from Andheri, shifted him to Mahim’s P D Hinduja Hospital, where a surgery was carried out on January 27 to release the pressure inside the brain. “He did not respond to it, “said Dr Sucheta Desai, the hospital’s transplant coordinator. Deyaan was declared brain dead on Saturday after a second successful sleep apnea test. “Amid such grief, the family were very keen on donating his organs even before we approached them, “she added. Deyaan’s mother Mili said she had just fulfilled her son’s wish. “Coincidentally, this year itself my children had learnt about organ donation in school…Both of them said they would want to be donors when they grew up, “Mili said. The family donated Deyaan’s heart, kidneys and liver. The kidneys were given to an 11-year-old and a 15-year-old at Jaslok Hospital. His liver was transplanted into a 31-year-old man at Jupiter Hospital.


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