The twin attacks in London – the first one in Manchester and then in London Bridge and the Borough Market, had one thing in common – the SIKH hospitability. The Sikh community opening its doors to those caught up in the terror attacks. For them helping the needy in oppression are celebrating religion!

Manchester is home to four Gurudwaras – Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara Temple, Singh Sabha Gurdwara North East London and Khalsa Centre, Tooting Gurdwara and the entire of them had worked tirelessly to provide free food and shelter to all those who need it. The Sikh temples in Manchester offered food and shelter to people left stranded by the bombing that struck young music fans as they left an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. Gurdwaras in London also opened their doors for victims stranded after the second terror attack in the city by offering them shelter and food.

In Manchester, the US Pop singer Ariana Grande’s concert went on to become the site for a terror attack which killed around 22 people and wounded 59 others. While in London, three knife-wielding attackers wearing fake suicide vests unleashed a terror rampage through the central London, plowing a van into pedestrians on the iconic London Bridge and then running to a nearby market where they randomly stabbed multiple people, killing seven and injuring 48. The three terrorists had been shot dead.

Importantly, almost immediately after the attacks were reported, Sikhs tweeted that their places of worship were opened for those caught up in the horrific ordeal. In an incredible show of unity, Sikhs also posted maps of nearby Gurdwaras that were open to help those in need in the early hours of the morning.

For those who don’t know literal translation of the term Gurdwara is ‘the Guru’s door’! The Sikhs Gurus ordered Sikhs to ensure people have access to basic needs and freedom from oppression, for this very reason the Guru’s Doors are open to all people, regardless of faith, race or gender. For this very reason, Sikhs are seen in the forefront to provide help and such manifestations are good proof to this noble service.

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