A Mechanical NRI engineer, Suneet Jain, 24, and his astounding team of 182 scuba divers from Pune have beaten the previous world record for the longest underwater human chain and made a new world record. This marks their entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. The record attempt was planned with Absolute Scuba in India and took place at Coral Grand Resort, Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, Thailand. The total length of the human chain was 140 metres. The preparation for this attempt had been going on for the last six months. The team included more than 30 non-swimmers, several first-time scuba divers and all age groups from 8-year-olds to 58-year-olds. The journey to victory was not easy and the team had to face several obstacles, however they triumphed over each and every one.  The main aim of the group was to ‘inspire ordinary people to extraordinary accomplishments.’ They collectively overcame several challenges including recruiting and training over 200 participants, scouting for a suitable location internationally and organising a large-scale scuba diving event in a foreign country. Unfamiliar with saltwater, the team failed their practice attempt the previous day after six months of planning. Overnight, they dropped and replaced several divers and created a winning dive plan to set this spectacular record, demonstrating their belief that ‘impossible is nothing!’ The overarching goal of this event was to inspire ordinary people to extraordinary accomplishments. The Mechanical engineer also used his engineering skills for his next Guinness world record. He has a few ideas and is already working out their feasibility. The record was earlier held by 173 Italian divers.

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