• Indian businessman in Dubai Balwinder Sahani bought the number plate “D5” for 33 million Dirhams
  • भारतीय-अमेरिकी रमेश वाधवानी, भरत नीरज देसाई, राकेश गंगवाल, जॉन कपूर व राम श्रीराम अमेरिका में सबसे अमीर लोगों की लिस्ट-2016 में शामिल
  • Indian-Origin woman Valerie Vaz appointed as shadow leader in British parliament
  • अमेरिकी सेना में सिख रख सकेंगे दाढ़ी-पगड़ी
  • Indian-Origin Kiara Nirghin, South African Teen wins $50,000 Scholarship at Google Science Fair
  • Indian Origin lawyer - Nathan DeSai killed after injuring 9 in shooting spree at Houston mall
  • INDIAN-AMERICAN doctor - Shelinder Aggarwal charged with healthcare fraud of $9.5 m
  • Indian businessman - George V Nereaparambil owns 22 apartments in burj khalifa
  • Indian Origin - Jitesh Gadhia swears his oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II on the Rig Veda


Business Buzz & PSUs

The Appointments Committee of the Indian Cabinet has approved the elevation of Atul Bhatt as the Chairman & Managing Director of MECON Limited.  Bhatt currently serves as an Executive Director with the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC). The appointment... Read more

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