I have just shift ed to a new house, and my daughter is not keeping well ever since. Please suggest some vastu changes which could solve my problem.

Anshuman Chhabra, Mumbai, India Th e Layout of your home has a cut in North West direction. Th is is not desirable wrong as per vastu as this is the air zone. A fl aw like this in this direction may cause breathing problems, and your daughter may be suff ering from the same. Th ere might be some other issues as well. Any disturbance in the North-West direction can clearly aff ect the health of your family. In order to reduce the bad aff ects, you may use a painting of yellow colour in this direction. Hang two wind-chimes and paint the wall in North-West direction white. Follow all these solutions, and your daughter will recover from her illness soon.

I have major health related problems, and I am taking proper medication. But can vastu changes help me in recovering from my condition ?

Manpreet Kaur Dhillon, Canada Yes, vastu does have the power to solve major health issues. Most of the times, health related problems originate if vastu instructions are not followed properly. So, in order to make a rapid recovery, you will need to clean out the North-East zone. You could consult regarding this as well. Th ere are many things to be considered when talking about vastu, like the direction of the entrance, the size and shape of the plot, the placement of the bedroom and kitchen, and the direction of mirrors. By taking all these vastu criteria into consideration, many issues may easily be resolved. You can also introduce Feng Shui gadgets for addressing health issues. By placing and using them in proper directions you can enjoy long and healthy life.

What is the best placement position for a mirror in the house, and do we suf- Author will provide free consultation for readers of NRI Achievers. But do send map of your premises and your date of birth. fer from any problems if we place mirrors in wrong direction ? Are there any Feng Shui solutions that can ameliorate such problems ?

P. San, New Jersey, U.S. Yes, placement of mirrors do aff ect your wealth and growth. But it all depends on where you place your mirrors. In a residence, northern eastern direction is the best, if you are placing mirrors at home. But you do need to be careful in the placement of your mirrors, never place them in front of the main entrance. Th is is because it moves the positive energy of your home outside. Feng shui also gives excellent results if used properly with respect to the size and direction of your plot. If a mirror is placed in wrong direction, it can adversely aff ect your health as well make your life restless and it will also make you lazier with time. If mirror is placed in Southern direction you may suff er from fi nancial issues.

My son is studying in Australia, and I want to make some vastu changes in his room so that he can concentrate more, be patient and full of positivity. Please suggest some remedies.

Somdutt , Delhi, India First of all, I would require his date of birth as there are certain things which are necessary to check before pushing a person into something. Th e main thing I need to check is, which important element he is missing in his date of birth. Giving remedy for those things with incomplete information may not bring good results. Th ings are diff erent in India and abroad per nature. In general, according to vastu, facing north and east directions while studying may help a lot, while the study material must be kept in the west direction. Use an education tower, this will help him by enhancing his concentration in studies. Make sure that he does not have any window behind him, but instead, there must be a solid wall, as this will make his concentration even stronger. Try these and get back to me with the results.

I am living in this house for the past 10 years, and it faces south. I had recently when I made a toilet under the staircase, illness entered in our house, should I break it or leave it as it is and never use it again. Please guide.

Pt. Ramkrishan Sharma, Delhi When you say that for the past 10 years everything was fi ne, and illness issues began aft er the construction of this toilet, it could be that the direction of the toilet could be the cause. But then, you cannot also say that people who do not follow vastu instructions or do not live in vastu friendly homes never lead a happy and satisfi ed life. Generally, toilets under the staircase are not considered good. Place 2 mirrors in the north and east wall of the toilet towards the top. As you haven’t mentioned the directions we are not able to be more precise than this.

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