Q. I live in the US, I am satisfied with my financial position and there are no health or harmony problems in my family. But we feel we do not have enthusiasm in life. It’s been 7 years into our marriage and we are still childless. Doctors say that our reports are normal. Can vaastu have some solution for this ?

–Raksha Chaudhary.

A. First of all, both of you must consult with some good astrologers. Do have your horoscopes with you when you do so, as it might well be an astrological problem. Secondly, see whether your bedroom is situated in the East or the North-East part of the house. A room for a couple in above directions may become a hurdle in conception. Miscarriages are also a possibility or there could be a mental problem if there would be a child. If you do have such a room in these directions, then immediately change that. For couples West is the best direction.

Q. I work abroad and I have read about Celestial Animals in Feng-sui. These Fengsui gadgets are said to help to removing Vaastu defects. Is that really so ?

–Akash Arora.

A. One most important thing that I would like to tell you is that Celestial Animals do not work in a house with vaastu defects, but they can minimize the defect within a room. The popular Celestial Animals are Phoenix, turtle, white tiger and dragon. All these are also known as the Celestial Body. They have different impact in different situations. To know more, you ought to personally meet up with a professional feng shui expert.

Q. We have recently bought a house in Canada. Since the day we have shifted here, we have been in one or the other problem. I have heard from the neighbors that the house had a mysterious past, a woman had allegedly hanged herself here. Kindly suggest what we should do to avoid more troubles.

–Rakesh Jain

A. Though you have not sent us the map of your house, it does seem that your house has some serious vaastu defect. When the North-East, South East or Centre part of the house is defective, then such type of circumstances occurr. You need to consult with a Vaastu Consultant who has the knowledge of divine vibrations. South-East is the part which is belongs to or affects the female members. All the above circumstances you have mentioned, seems to have occurred with the females of the house. It shows that there must be a defect in the South-East direction. You will need to get your premises looked at by a professional vaastu consultant.

Q. I am planning to renovate my office in Australia, and am taking the help of an interior designer for this. While the designer has laid out a 7 foot main door, he has made my personal cabin’s door 8 feet high. I am suspicious that it might be a vaastu defect. Is it ?

–Kamal Gupta

A. You are absolutely right. The main door always should be larger than inner doors. It is a good thing that you have revealed your suspicion before executing the renovation task. I suggest check other such discrepancies as well before you proceed further.

Q. I have a piece of land in the countryside and I want to start construction there. I want to know where to place the main entrance of the three side open plot with West is front, South at side, East as back and North having common wall ?


A. In general North, East and North-east are considered good directions for entrances. What will be the right direction for a particular site can be judged better after seeing the map of the site, or after a site visit. Send me the map of your site and i will let you know the right direction for the same.

Q. I am residing in Orlando, and I have a South-facing house. There are two toilet-cum-bathrooms in my house. One is in the South-East, while another one is in the North. I was advised by a friend that this is a serious vaastu defect and I should sell the house immediately. Kindly suggest what we should do.

–Rahul Bhatt

A. South-facing is not considered the best direction for a house under Vaastu. But it is also a fact that many vaastu consultants today tend to base their analysis purely on the basis of directions, without taking into consideration the need for proper zoning. First of all I would urge you not to be overly superstitious on this count. You did not send me a map, so I am finding it difficult to answer your query properly. You might even face difficulties in selling such types of property. My best advice to you at this point is to consult with a good professional vaastu consultant.

Q. I am a 34-year-old unmarried woman working abroad, and of late, I am getting more and more worried about remaining single. I have read your article, and I personally believe in Feng-sui. Can you suggest some Feng-sui solution which can help me find a life-partner?

– Simran Kaur.

A. You should stay and sleep in a room that is in the North-West area of your house. Keep some Pionia flowers in your room and hang a picture of the Moon on the West-side wall of the room. This will surely help you.

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