Q: I am an NRI, my parents are from Punjab but I am born and bought up in Canada. I run a Tour & Travel Company but am facing loss for past 10 months. I have sold my cars to lessen the loss but even it did not help as situation is worsening day by day. Please suggest some solutions according to customized vastu. I am sending my date of birth and the layout plan of my offi ce Rohit Sapra, Canada

A: Dear Rohit, for customized vaastu solutions, you will need to speak to me personally. According to general vastu, there exist a few problems with the construction plan of your offi ce, like your basement is made in the southern zone and eastern zone, but North and Northwestern zones are missing in it, which means it is totally out of proportion. Northwest zone signifi es support and North zone is for money and opportunities. Maybe because of good previous times you earned profits, but as you have started facing losses, this phase can prolong if you do not apply some solutions. For best results make your basement 100% proportional in all directions.

Q: I have recently shift ed my real estate business to New Jersey. I would like to shift here permanently, but am facing problems in selling my house. Please suggest vastu based solutions to resolve this issue. Ramesh Mehta, USA

A: Th e layout plan which you have sent us indicates that the Southwestern zone of your house is disturbed, the magnetic fi eld associated with the place will not permit the smooth sailing of things. You have a lawn in the Southwest direction, make it solid with concrete. Th e only space you are leaving open according to government rules should be in solid condition. After doing these amendments you defi nitely will be able to sell the house. Q: I am an architect and passionate about things representing India’s old times. I have old shipwrecks and other antiques in my house. For the past few months I have a feeling that things are not going in the right direction, enjoyment from my life has vanished, I have started losing clients, and am facing loss in professional life. Can it be because of the antique stuff in my house ? Mohd Abbas Zahir, Mumbai, India A: You have not sent the layout plan of your house, but what I see is that there exists some disturbance and imbalance of energies in North-Eastern and North-North- Eastern zone. Call a professional consultant and let him check the chi energy of your home, as the imbalance of energies cannot be checked without visiting the place itself. According to vastu, every living and nonliving thing has its own energy. As you have kept historical antiques in your house, their energy can create an imbalance in the fl ow of chi inside the house and things which we think can’t happen can gradually start happening. Till you call in a professional, clean out the North-East zone and place a mirror of size 42” x 48” there, and use some green color in the East Zone.

Q: I own a showroom of expensive decorative items. I do not know much about vaastu but have read a few things like hanging a mirror at the entrance and good or bad effects of things in the last edition of your magazine and on internet. My problem is that though I have good collection and stock in my store, but number of customers is very less. Please consult the map I have sent you to tell me about directions and solutions. John Peter, UK

A: Yes, vastu works on scientifi c basis, it’s not attached to any religion. You can take benefi ts by applying vastu in your home and commercial places. It is a long discussion so it is better if you read about it fi rst. Your shop is facing towards South, which is a good direction in case of this business, but you need to relocate and shuffl e few things. And here they are: Keep your expensive products in the Northwest and West zones to increase your customers. Activate the North zone by hanging two crystal balls, and place two mirrors on the North and Eastern walls of your shop. Remove all the mirrors from the walls in the South and West. Just change these things and see how it makes a diff erence.

Q: My husband got a job in Australia in 2010 and shift ed there. But now he does not want to come back to India. When I ask him about my joining him there he refuses by saying that it is not possible for me to go there. I am not sure but I am suspecting that he has another girl in his life there, and he does not want to live with me anymore. I belong to an orthodox family, so it will create tension in our lives. Please suggest how can I get out of this situation. Sarvana Kaur, New Delhi, India

A: You have a bedroom in North-North- West (NNW) Zone of your home with an attached toilet, and another toilet is situated in the South East, both the direction of these toilets can create a disturbance in your married life. Also your children may tend to suff er from medical problems due to this. Th e toilet in NNW direction can be a cause of extra marital aff air. It does not seem a problem of general vaatsu only, you should consult for customized vastu. Only then will we be able to tell you whether there is a possibility of living together or not, and by applying few remedies things could become better.

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