Q. I am settled in Virginia, USA, for the past 15 years. I now want to open my own insurance company. Please suggest lucky directions and placement of office furniture in order to make this effort a success.

A. According to your date of birth and KUA number, an ‘East’ facing office is good for you. But for advice on the placement of the furniture etc., you will need to send us the layout plan of your proposed office.

Q. What modifications to the building of my factory do I need to effect in order to expand my business outside of India as well ?

A. The basement of your factory is in the ‘West’ zone which is totally against vastu principles, and hence can cause harm to your business even in India. So, take steps to shift or rebuild this basement in the ‘North East’ zone to expand your business internationally. As I am able to glean from customized vastu, you can earn well from foreign shores as well by implementing some remedies.

Q. The raw material for my business comes from China. But last shipment got stuck because of changing policies there. How can Vastu help me? Let me know how I can solve this problem.

A. There exists a toilet in the ‘South West’ direction of your office which is not good, also the placement of some equipment in ‘NNW’ zone in not appropriate. Hang a painting of sailing ship on the north wall of your office, and paint a yellow stripe on the door. This will benefit you in a short period of time.

Q. I want to sell my products in different countries of world but the documentation is not getting through. Please tell me if any renovation at my factory can help in this matter.

A. Renovation is not required, but the Color scheme of your office is not as per Vastu. Paint the ‘NW’ and ‘West’ direction in white color instead of the existing Blue, it will go in accordance with your date of birth. If you want to expand your business to other countries, wait till your birthday in 2015.

Q. I am Manvinder Singh, settled in Canada. My parents are in Moga, Punjab. They have been trying to sell our property there for the past two years but with no success. We would like a better home in a city area, but things are not working. Please suggest remedies which can help us sell it.

A. Yours is no general question. In your case we will first need to have a look upon the layout plan of the property in question. A site visit is also warranted. Generally, such kind of problems occur due to the ‘SW’ zone most of the time, but some other factors like law of vastu for slopes, ratio of plot size, and what is inside the ground – like there could be a cremation ground etc., could all play a significant role. So in that case it will be really difficult to sell or rent out that property. You could hire a vaastu consultant who will suggest the remedies for that Vastu Dosha and then it will be possible to sell the property.

Q. I am Rakesh Khanna, I have a small business in the US and it is doing well, and now my wife would like to join me here. But for two years now, whenever she plans to come to the US, one or other obstacle crops up, and she is unable to make it. Are there any kind of vaastu and/or astrological solution for this?

A. Yes, it could happen due to doshas both of Vastu or astrology. We could check this trough customised vastu whether there any possibilities for her to go abroad. That is the very first thing. Insofar as general vastu is concerned, it will work only for those things which are in your destiny. Even if a person is not destined to go abroad according to astrology, vastu can help to some extent. For coming to a conclusion, we will need the date of birth of your wife, and after doing our calculations we could suggest some remedies.

Q. I have recently shifted to London and want to set up my own showroom of cars. Tell me how to select the best location for the showroom and color themes for the interiors and exteriors – Rohit Shah

A. You should go for a rectangular or square plot. No L or irregular shapes. Color scheme can be decided only after selecting the plot. We will need the orientation of the plot in order to work out auspicious color combinations per feng shui. In your business it is very important to maintain ‘NW’ direction as per vastu and feng shui as this zone governs sales. You could choose 3-4 properties, then consult. Whichever plan is better may be finalized.

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