Q. Amit, Kanpur: Both my father and I have suffered a lot in life. Despite all my hard work, I have not been able to increase my income. I used to think that once I start earning, our financial problems will be solved, but so far I have been wrong. More so, my wife has undergone at least four surgeries. I started working at the age of 16, but things have only worsened.

A. It is rare that two-three or all the members of a family should suffer adverse luck. Your father faced problems living in the same house, as do you and your wife. So to say, all members residing in that house are affected. It indicates that there are some vastu defects in your house. The North-East portion of your house being higher, the presence of stairs or kitchen there can cause financial problems or debt. A vastu defect in the South-East causes ill health to the women in the family. You have not sent us a map of your house; therefore it is not possible to suggest any remedies now. You are advised to get a vastu expert examine your house and seek their advice.

Q. Samir Jain, Faridabad: I own a plastic factory at Faridabad. Facing north, its main entrance is on the right. It was running satisfactorily, if not very well. Just behind it, in the southern portion, there was a depression measuring 100” x 65”, which I got filled with rubble. However, since it was leveled, the quality of the goods produced there has diminished, causing me a direct loss. Is it due to my getting the depression leveled ? If so, what remedy do you suggest?

A. A depression in the southern portion is not good according to vastu, so you did the right thing when you filled it. As regards your problems arising after filling it, that could be due to the rubble used to do that. Most probably, the rubble contained something that created negative energy in the factory – maybe a bone, a burnt piece of cloth, or charcoal. It is also regarded as black magic by some. Better you invite a capable vastu expert, who can recognize and rectify the positive and the negative energy manifestations.

Q. Rajender Gupta, Naraina Vihar, Delhi: I am a regular reader of your column. A closeAuthor will provide free consultation for readers of NRI Achievers. But do send map of your premises and your date of birth. observation of my own house revealed that it has many vastu defects. The kitchen exists in the Western portion, and the toilet-cum-bathroom is in the East-South part. The municipal water supply connection is in the South-West, where two small water pumps are also installed. I do not have enough money to alter the structure of my house. Will you suggest some less expensive remedy to achieve positive results without any demolitions?

A. If not well-versed in the various aspect of vastu, one should not examine a house from that angle. In fact, there are hardly any houses without some kind of vastu defects. Thus, you should have no doubts. Vastu is not a science of demolition. A kitchen in the West may not be fully favorable, but then it is not so bad either. A water connection may exist in any quarter even in the South-West. However, a boringpump in that portion is undesirable according to vastu. For a toilet in the East-South portion, you may place a 9” x 9” mirror on the Eastern wall. Also, fix a red bulb on the Southern wall, and keep it always on.

Q. Vikrant, Chandigarh: My brother has damaged his kidneys and is on dialysis. My father is ill. My wife too is confined to bed, suffering from an ailment not yet diagnosed despite all efforts. I obtained Thirty Lac Rupees from a bank as loan, which I have not been able to repay owing to my domestic problems that are distracting me from my work. Please, help me overcome my present situation. I am sending you a map of my house.

A. The Eastern and the North-East corner of your house is torn. And, the South-West portion shows toilets. These are both serious defects according to vastu. As a remedy, you are advised to place a 36 stone pyramid at the center of your house. Moreover, you must at once close the defect known as Pitra Dosh in Astrology. You are advised to visit the Vishnu Pad Temple at Gaya in Bihar on a no-moon day in the dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha) and do the pind daan there.

Q. Chetna, Baroda: I am sending my question to you together with a map of my house, where I have been living for last 20 years. I was quite comfortable here until 2002, when things took a turn for the worse. I find myself surrounded by all sorts of problems now. Please help. A. A corner of your house is torn, which suggests the possibility of a vastu defect. However, you could not notice it on account of luck being on your side. The map sent by you does not mark the directions and, therefore, nothing is clear as such.

Q. Meenakshi, Vellore: Recently, I bought an aquarium, which had some pairs of mollies and other such small species. In all, there were eight fish in the aquarium tank. However, when I brought them home, I found one of them with eggs. Today, I see 20-30 little fish. I am anxious to know whether it is auspicious or not according to feng-shui/vastu. Advise.

A. According to feng-shui, it is auspicious to keep a fish aquarium at home. And, the little ones appearing after it is brought home is also auspicious. You are advised to take special care of those new members. If your present aquarium is not spacious enough, you should acquire one more.

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