A few days prior to the schedule when Narisingh Yadav was to fly for Rio Olympics 2016 his spirits were dampened when the International Olympic Commission (IOC), reported that his doping test results were positive.

Whoever Yadav has consistently claimed that he has not done anything and all of this doping scandal is a conspiracy against him. It should be noted that the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) chose to send Yadav in place of Shushil Kumar which had brought distress amongst his fans and followers. Along with other players and members of the wrestling federation IOA too believes that Yadav might not be involved in anything of this kind.  Yet IOA has temporarily replaced Yadav with Praveen Rana until the inquiry is complete and Yadav gets a clean chit from IOC.

Few news channels have reported that there was an unauthorized person who had entered into the mess of Sports Authority of India hostel. He is being alleged of spiking banned substance in Yadav’s food. It is being claimed that this entire scam would have been obscured if the sports minister had been an accomplished athlete. The Wrestling Federation of India has submitted a report to the PM seeking his involvement in the matter.

It is being claimed that had Rathore been sworn in as the sports minister rather than I&B the façade would have been entirely different.  Rathore could have ensured that India puts her best foot forward at the Rio games and would have also ensured that there was closer monitoring and supervision of everything happening at SAI and its regional centers and hostels, especially the diet being prepared for the sportsmen chosen to represent the country in the international arena.

The latest controversial mess cannot be salvaged, irrespective of any number of reports submitted to the prime minister by the Wrestling Federation of India on whether or not the food served to Narsingh Yadav at SAI hostel was deliberately spiked, with or without the grappler’s knowledge.

It would not be wrong to assume that few TV channels and new anchors are reporting the matter as if they are the public prosecutor in some third grade drama along with reducing India quest for glory at the Olympics. It is a touch and go matter whether the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will accept these stories after it has cracked down so severely on Russian athletes.

It would be too early and unjust to predict anything at this moment of time. Yadav being a strong and prominent contender who would have brought laurel for the nation should be given a chance to prove his innocence and an independent committee should take up the charge of the matter.  If Yadav is found not to be guilty then his retraction from Rio 2016 should be removed immediately.

By Kanishka

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