Old habbits die hard. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal can be the best example for this as he has once again dragged Modi  for what looks like a local matter. It was hoped that with time and experience, Kejriwal would gain some maturity of governing a state & would realize that such confrontations only distract one from his governance agenda and disrupts what should ideally be a smooth relationship with the Centre. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.


Kejriwal’s contention that the BJP is afraid of his Aam Aadmi Party is absurd. However, instead of focusing on how best to present his rather rattletraps case to the authorities, Kejriwal has been berserk and ranting against Modi, his Government and his party. It is one thing to exchange quills in the heat and dust of politics, and quite another to indignify the head of the state or for that matter any constitutional authority. Kejriwal has been so desperate to lash out at Modi, that when the office of the President and political propriety came in his way, he rode roughshod over one and all.


Kejri without even proving himself in Delhi as CM is eyeing PMship by portraying himself against Narendra Modi. So with his selfish motive, he is blaming NaMo for everything. I don’t think he has even one solid reason to blame Modi. So in the process, he is revealing himself more and more. He comes out more as a dramatist and a liar than a qualified IRS officera. Modi is a seasoned politician of stature and maturity and has proved himself in Gujarat for 3 terms at least. He will not be bothered by Kejri gimmicks. He is focused on his job which itself is a mammoth task.


Kejriwal earlier had blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the raids in a series of tweets. He had tweeted, “When Modi cudn’t handle me politically, he resorts to this cowardice”.

Such statements from a political leader of his stature is not expected, he should know that the CBI is an independent body and the PM has no say in its working.


It seems that instead of focusing upon the development in Delhi, CM Kejriwal is more interested in playing the blame game with Modi. In his manifesto prior to the Delhi elections, he had made huge promises to the people of Delhi like making Delhi an education and tourism hub, increasing women’s safety, inspired by Modi’s Clean Ganga Campaign he had also promised to stop the dumping of industrial waste into Yamuna river, ensuring free and uninterrupted water supply in all parts of the state, etc.


But in reality the facts speak up an entirely different story, instead of turning his ideas into reality, Mr Kejriwal is busy advertising and fighting with everyone and blaming others, starting from Ms.Gamlin episode. It is a point of arguing how the AAP government erred in each step.


His ministers are being scandalized and are facing charges of vandalism after so much hype. Many scams like Onion scam, Auto permit scam, Sticker Scam etc. under investigation. In a very smart move to ensure that his ministers remain loyal to him, he very efficiently gave 250% salary hike to its own MLAs and legalized corruption against which he had been beating the trumpet.

CM is busy with external affairs as he is jobless in Delhi cabinet by choice !! He has given full freedom for his tongue. Ms. Gamlin is  Reliance Agent and acted against the interest of government – but no inquiry !!! Our PM is a Psychopath!! Delhi Police is Thullas!! His own trusted colleagues became Traitors!!! And the latest addition to these is Modi is so frustrated that he would get me killed!!!  All these without any reason or logic.

We don’t know what the future holds for Delhi and even AAM AADMI. So this can be easily said that none of their claims need be and should be taken at face value!!!


By Kanishka

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