Sachin Tendulkar is a name most of India knows and loves. Master blaster, cricket god, little master, he
has been called by many names and platitudes as he coursed through the Indian cricket scene for an unbeaten career spread over decades. Now with him having decided to retire from the game, we felt it worthwhile to take a look at his life, from the perspective of what the stars foretell. Have a read:

verybody knows Sachin Tendulkar.Universally loved for his game, he has also broken several records, and has been the recipient of numerous sporting awards in his long career as a cricketeer and sportsperson.There are several planets in his horoscope that have helped him earn a name, and some that have helped him shine in the field of
cricket. Eg:

a. Placement of the ascendant and 10th house-lord Mercury in the 7th house, expecting Lagoma, making him fortunate and wealthy.

b. Mars, the most important planet for sports activity, positing in a comfortable position in the 5th
house with Jupiter.This combination has made Tendulkar a person of active mind, and maintain connections with other
places. This combination also gives him a long life, and makes him a famous, honoured and influential person.

c. Sun, the planet for leadership, which is pointed in the 8th house in his exaltation, made him a captain as
well, but its position in 8th home did create some hurdles for him many a time as well.

d. Saturn, one of his Yogkarma, posited in the 9th house in his own sign, and the 3rd house strengthened him for his sport activities.He started his career at Maha Dasha of the Moon, and Antar Dasha of Venus, from the
year 1988. 11th lord Moon and the 2nd and 9th lord Venus gave him good fortune in his cricket career.

Moon – Surya Dasha (Lord of 12th home) which denotes a career in lands foreign, gave him a good start at Karachi in November 1989.Dasha period of Mars: In the year 1994, he got the Arjuna Award for his excellence in the sport. He also got many Awards in the Dasha of Rahu, like the “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan” in 1997, and the Padma Shri in 1999.After a long gap, he also got the Padma-Vibhushan award in the year 2008, between
the Rahu – Venus period.

It was during his Rahu – Surya period that India won the World Cup. Again it was during his Rahu – Surya Dasha that he got political benefits – when he was made a Member of the Rajya Sabha in year 2012.

The most precious, his “Bharat Ratna” Award, he got in the year 2013, during his period of the Rahu – Moon Dasha.There is a possibility that due to some of the planets in his horoscope, he will continue to relate to cricket even after his retirement. According to an astrological reading of his janampatri, Sachin Tendulkar
is star-material, and will continue to remain a star during his lifetime.

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