Pune has witnessed the biggest boom in multi-millionaire population across India in the last fi ve years – a whopping 68% rise. Neighbor Mumbai saw the second highest growth in the country’s super rich population – at 59% between 2007-11 while India’s capital Delhi followed with more than a 50% increase in those with net assets of over US$ 30 million. Bangalore saw a 46% increase in those referred to as multi-millionaires, Hyderabad 43%, Chennai 25%, Ahmedabad 18% and Kolkata 12%.

Overall, India saw a 46% increase in super rich population between 2007-11. However when it comes to actual number of multi millionaires Mumbai boasts of the lion’s share across India. Over 1 in 3 (36.6%) of multi millionaires in India – 577 live in Mumbai leaving far behind cities like Delhi (147), Kolkata (126), Hyderabad (114), Bangalore (97), Chennai (88), followed by Pune (55) and Ahmedabad (51).

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