At NRI Achievers, we value your privacy and the policy detailed below gives a snapshot on how we store, collect, use and disclose information received through this website.

Handing personal information

As part of the registration process, every member who signs for a subscription has to provide basic personal details like Name, email address, contact information, age, etc. The information thus collected is used for promotional activities or contests, and for communication with you.

The information thus provided could be used for marketing campaigns and market research purposes. This will include studies based on your demographic information and help us to provide you an optimized solution/ service in sending you relevant information/ newsletters.

We will also make use of this information for contact you while disseminating any important information. This can include informing you about any promotional event or contest that you can participate in and if you happen to win any, we would be sharing your information with the vendors for delivering the prize to you. Rest assured, we will ensure that your information is safe with us and we keep you informed on any occasion.

We ensure that your information is not available to everyone and we will only use your email address or physical address for marketing newsletters, promotional campaigns and for delivering any gifts you might have won in our promotional offers.

Additionally, we are obligated and will share your information as and when it is required by the law subject to the local jurisdiction. There might be a scenario where we will have to oblige by the jurisdiction laid out by countries other than India for the magazine does reach multiple countries.

Safety and security

We have deployed the latest technology to ensure that your information stays safe and secure within our systems. We do not leave any stone unturned in protecting your personal information from being lost or misused.

Handling non-personal information

Apart from the personal information that we collect while you subscribe to us, we also take other information regarding your site activity like IP addresses, browser information, access device, etc. We use cookies to derive at this information and we use this for tracking various metrics on your visit to our site like the activities that you predominantly perform, the number of times you visit the page, the time spent on a particular page or the entire site, the device that is used for accessing the site, etc. This information is collected on an anonymous basis and it is not biased to a particular visitor but is universal to every person who visits the site. The information thus procured is used for improving the efficiency of the website.

Other links

If you come across any external links in our website, please note that these links are not governed by us and they are dictated by their own privacy policies and are not our responsibility. We can change this policy as we deem fit and we will ensure that the latest policy is here on display for your reference.