The Regional Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (Overseas Indians Day) connects India with its vast Indian Diaspora, in an attempt to bring their knowledge, expertise and skills together for mutual benefit. The 2013 Sydney Convention will be the seventh such conference to be held outside of India. NRI Achievers bring you a brief note on what to expect at this upcoming regional PBD that is scheduled to take place between 10-12 November this year.

The objective of the PBD Sydney Convention 2013 is to provide a platform for the Indian community in Australia and the Pacific to contribute to the relationship between countries of the region and India. It is also aimed facilitate the overseas Indian community and offer an opportunity to the Diaspora to voice their concerns and aspirations to the Government of India. The PBD India in Sydney 2013 is open for the Indian community and anyone who is interested in becoming involved in India’s growing relationship with Australia and other Pacific countries. It is expected that over 1000 delegates will attend.

On the agenda are several sessions and topics, that are of interest to the prospective delegates. These include:

a. Diaspora issues and the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs

b. Sharing of experiences

c. Trade and Investment

d. Services

e. Manufacturing

f. Resources

g. Infrastructure

h. Skills and Education

i. Women in Business

j. Youth

k. Education

l. Indian Languages

m. Culture


The Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) is being celebrated in India on the January 9th of every year since 2003, to mark the contributions of the overseas Indian community in the development and growth of India. Regional PBDs are organised by the Indian ‘Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs’ with the active collaboration of the host Government, the Indian Mission, Prominent Overseas Indians and Organisations catering to the needs of the Indian Diaspora. The objective of such regional PBDs is to reach out to those members of the community who have been unable to participate in the annual PBD in India, and to provide a platform for the Indian community in the host countries.

Previous Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas were held in New York (2007), Singapore (2008), The Hague (2009), Durban (2010), Toronto (2011), and Mauritius in 2012. This time round, the regional PBD is slated to take place between the 10th and 12th of November this year, in Sydney, Australia. It is expected to go a long way in facilitating the Disapora in Australia and the Pacific, to contribute meaningfully to the relationship between countries of the region and India. Participation in the event is expected from all States and Territories of Australia, and from neighbouring countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Manila, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji and the Pacific Islands. This convention is not only for the Indian community, but also for all persons who are interested in plugging into India’s growing relationship with Australia and other Pacific countries. It is expected that more than a thousand individuals will participate in the conference.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will be the Indian industry partner of the Regional PBD Meeting in Sydney. B2B meetings will be organised by the CII during the conference. The programme of the event will feature discussions on different aspects of India’s relationship with Australia and countries of the region including resources, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, skills and education, languages, women in business and culture. Speakers at the event will include Ministers and prominent dignitaries from Australia and India, prominent members of the Indian community, Australian and Indian business representatives and academicians and media persons.

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