MUMBAI CAN DANCE SAALAA will depict the story of Crorepati dance bar Tarannum Khan (played by Ashima Sharma) who apparently set out to be a politician but landed up in
Bollywood. The first day of the shoot was scheduled in actual bar. Ashima Sharma was confident shooting in an actual bar and supported by Shakti Kapoor who shared the frame with her playing a fashion designer. Ashima Sharma who hails from Rajasthan looked pretty in her Indian avatar playing the role of Crorepati bar dance without having any inhibitions. Prashant Narayan critically acclaimed for his character played in MURDER 2 also is a part of the film. MUMBAI CAN DANCE SAALAA is being produced by Ranjeet Sharma and written & directed by Sachindra Sharma and stars Ashima Sharma, Shakti Kapoor, Prashant Narayan and Raj Premi. “I’m glad to play such a meaty role in my début film. Since I loved the concept, I decided to keep my political career on the backseat for now and focus on my Bollywood career. Sachindra Sir has given me this opportunity and I want to make the most of it’, says Ashima.

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