After the professors returned to the podia and the dust settled down on the presentation of the National Budget for 2013~14, and the implications of the same were analyzed threadbare, digested and assimilated, life returned to normal in the capital, as a multitude of other themes and issues once again came center stage. March was a month of considerable activity, with people and personalities, events and happenings, festivals and celebrations, views and opinions, all jostling each other for elbow room even as we got down to crafting this humble tome.
And so we bring you the fruits of that labor in this 7th Edition of NRI Achievers, within which we attempt to paint a diverse canvas of themes, thoughts and goings-on, profiles of interesting persona, focal topics and countries, news and views from India and abroad, both from the hinterlands and from the ever expanding world of the Indian Diaspora, and even a special section called “Business Buzz”, which provides you with glimpses from the corporate scene. We do hope you will like all the tentative adaptations we have incorporated in the content mix as well. Regular readers will find that we have included more content in Hindi this time than in our earlier issues.
There is an interesting take on Good Friday. From the world of Cinema, we bring you the latest on Sanjay Dutt, whose predicament has evoked mixed responses from across the board in the country. We have also included a special feature on  an occasion that is held dear in the hearts of several nations, “Indian Arrival Day”,that is celebrated on different days in different countries. As the magazine is not just about Overseas Indians, we have made it a point to feature achievers and innovators from across the country as well, who have made their mark in their respective fields and sectors, whether real estate, travel & tourism, manufacturing, professional services, and changing lives in the social sector.
As our main feature, we bring you a focus on Trinidad & Tobago, where we profile the Island Archipelago Nation, an exclusive interview with its High Commissioner in India, Chandradath Singh, whose forefathers went to T&T more than a century ago, and afford you some glimpses of the island nation’s contributions to Indian & world culture.
As ever, your feedback is important, and not only that, we also invite our readers to share with us any path-breaking stories they are in the know of, whether it be persona based, action based, or is an event that invited their attention. Do keep writing to us, we enjoy your proactivity in NRI Achievers.

—Rajeev Gupta

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