It is the size of a postage stamp, but is being described as an invention that could topple titans. Indeed, the titans have all ganged up together to stamp out the little guy who has challenged them, dragging him all the way to the US supreme court, which will hear the case this coming April. Little guy is unfazed. Having fended them off and won in lower courts, Chaitanya Kanojia is looking forward to the day the US apex court will hear case No.13-461 involving the Goliaths: ABC, NBC, Fox et al. vs. Aereo Inc, his nifty two-year old company that he sees as the David in this battle.

What Bhopal-born Kanojia has done has shaken the American broadcast industry to its nearly century-old roots. Simply put, the stamp-sized antenna from his company Aereo lets you watch regular TV on any e-device without lugging around an antenna or set-top box or any of the wire and cables that comes with the current system. For a few bucks each month, it even lets you record shows on a cloud-based DVR for later viewing.

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