Looking to tap into India’s burgeoning young populace, liquor companies are focusing on selling alcohol in smaller, affordable and easy-to-carry packs. While nearly half of the branded liquor sold in Karnataka, the country’s largest alcoholic beverage market, is in tetrapaks — companies like Bacardi, United Spirits, Diageo, Jim Beam and Amrut Distilleries have now started to pack their liquor brands in 50ml, 60ml and 90ml PET bottles. “The youth, who constitute 60% of the Indian population, are the key growth drivers of the liquor industry. They want to experiment with their drinks and prefer to sample liquor that come in smaller packs than buying a full bottle,” says Vimal Kedia, MD of Manjushree Technopack, which is India’s largest PET bottle manufacturer, supplying miniature bottles to companies like Bacardi, United Spirits (USL), and Diageo. As per industry estimates, the current size of the miniatures bottles market in India is pegged at nearly 50 million bottles per annum with an average market size of INR 400 Crore. Over the last few months, this sector has been witnessing an average growth of around 15% across all spirit categories.

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