One of the biggest high for sports followers came with the news of India getting the right to host the U-17 Football World Cup in 2017. Just imagine the Football World Cup, understandable it is the U-17 world cup but that’s the stepping stone for India to produce its own Messi’s and Ronaldo’s. This is the platform where the best scouts form the best clubs of Europe and around the world come looking for young talent. These are the tournaments which nurture careers of tomorrow’s superstars. It is the occasion to show the world that we mean business and we want to do well in Football too.

First lets congradulate the sports ministry and sports administors for putting up an effort to bid and then successfully get the rights to host a tournament of that stature. This is a big step in the direction of improving the standard of football in India. 6 world class stadiums which are a must to host the mega event, plus world class training facilities. That’s indeed the right mix for talented kids of India to come and show their mettle. It would be unfair to over-expect just because our nation is hosting the tournament but Hope would be that the chance to shine is used in the best way possible. Any kind of achievement in the tournament would be a like beaming ray of sunshine after a long dark night.

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