Warning tax ‘crooks’ of stern action if they try to operate from its soil, Mauritius has promised full support to India in bringing to book any entity trying to indulge in money laundering or round tripping through this island nation. Terming the perception of Mauritius being used by Indian entities for money laundering and other tax evasion activities as based on “misconception and misinformation”, the country’s Vice Prime Minister Xavier Luc Duval also said that some people might be using the island nation as a ‘political football’ to meet their own goals.
The Minister said Mauritius has taken numerous steps over the years to ensure compliance with global norms and standards in the financial services business and it has always been a collaborative and transparent jurisdiction. Mauritius accounts for a major chunk of foreign investments coming into India, as many investors from the US, Europe and other places tend to route their capital flows into India through this Indian Ocean country to benefit from a favourable tax treaty and the ease of doing business here.

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