New York based businessman K.L. Sardana is a philanthropist and social activist who has been helping needy people both in the US and in India, morally and financially. A Long Island resident for over two decades, Sardana is owner of The Red Cherry Corporation, one of the largest prepaid telecom companies in New York. NRI Achievers talked to him to learn about his worldview …

“I went to New York 22 years ago, and in retrospect, I should say that I do like America very much. As an Indian, I would say that India is our motherland (Matru Bhoomi), and America for me is my Karam Bhoomi. America is a very welcoming country, a cultural melting pot that embraces and welcomes people from all over the world. They help people and other countries too, they initiate and take steps forward to help in many ways. We as the Indian community resident in the Americas have also imbibed this American spirit, and in our own way promote Indian culture here, and we support and help other people, share their joys and sorrows. I can positive things to say about both my countries in this matter, but I feel America is more systematic and powerful compared to India on this front. I however regret to say that Indian politicians though they are well aware that India is lacking control in several major areas, they do little, do not take initiatives or any serious steps to fix problems. If they will adopt at least some of the good things from America, India can be the best county of the world. But on another note, I can say that running such a big country as India is indeed not an easy task.

“To tell you aomething about myself and about my family, I have three sons all of whom are settled in New York. They are with me and working in same field of Telecom. My one daughter is settled in India and that is one major reason for my frequent visits to India. This time round, I came here to attend the PBD, but I was unable to participate due to personal reasons. The PBD is a very good platform to connect people of Indian origin from all over the world, and to extend their networking with india. I would say the Indian government should now take the necessary steps to scale up the PBD to large scales and actively encourage people to participate. NRIs and PIOs have a very strong emotional bond with their Matru Bhoomi and feel attached to India. They will want to come here again and again. In fact there are lots of them who have never come to India after they left this country many years ago. But it is an understatement to say that they are still emotionally connected to India. Government should target those millions of Overseas Indians and make a honest attempt to link with them and connect them with India.”

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