Gemstones have always been part and parcel of astrological remedies in both the Indian and western streams of the discipline, and they play a rather significant role in the mitigative nature of remedies proposed by astrology. Gemstones are also said act much like a lens focusing cosmic powers and positive planetary energy to the benefit of the wearer. These simple and beautiful gifts of nature are employed by adept astrologers with a good knowledge of gemology to address various problems faced by us, be they mental, physical, or financial.

Indian, or ‘Vedic’ astrology is an ancient scientific construct that emerged many thousands of years ago. The Rishis (Seers) of that time extended their cognition towards the macrocosm, and visualised the connections that link the celestial orbs and our human boies, the microcosm. They deduced how the motion of planets and their positions vis-a-vis each other can impact upon us during our lifetimes, just as the waxing and vaning phases of our moon pushes and pulls at our oceans and seas.

All planets and stars in our universe are representative of specific energies, and do in fact pulsate with magnetic, electric and other fields of cosmic radiation. And astrology holds that each celestial orb generates a particular energy and emits it, which has its own, distinctive colour signature. The transmission of these rays through space, accompanied by the energy-giving properties of heat, magnetism and electricity, has the potential to influence the lives of living things in myriad ways.

Horoscopes are nothing more than a mapping of the location and position of various planets at the time of a person’s birth, a task that comes easily to any adept Astologer trained in the discipline. Once charted, it can be seen from it which planets are well positioned, which are unfavorable, and which may tend give mixed results. Thus, departing from the maxim that every person’s life is a result of a cosmic design, this planetary configuration that occurs in the sky at the time of our birth, is ascribed to be an end-result of our past ‘karma’ – activities and actions we undertook during previous lives. According to our vedic astrology, karma is by no means unchangeable, and so can be manipulated for the better. There are several ways to effect a balance, or enhance our planetary karma. These include meditation (the most appropriate balancing method), physical postures (Yoga), medicine (Ayurveda), the wearing of gemstones, colour therapy, prayers and rituals, the consumption of specific herbs and food items, and the adherance to certain architectural principles (Sthapathya Veda).</p.

Indian astrology deals with seven visible planets and two invisible ones, namely: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, along with the two lunar nodes, Rahu (the ascending lunar node) and Ketu (the descending lunar node). These nodes are the two intersection points of the solar and lunar planes as can be seen from the earth. Associated with these nine celestial bodies are days of the week, different parts of the human body, and different metals. Nine astrological gemstones are also associated with these planets as well, which are:

Sun > Ruby

Moon > Pearl

Mars > Red Coral

Mercury > Emerald

Jupiter > Yellow Sapphire

Venus > Diamond

Saturn > Blue Sapphire

Rahu > Hessonite garnet

Ketu > Cat’s Eye ChrysoBeryl

This is no hocus pocus, but based upon a solid scientific basis that underpins planetary gemology. Studies investigating specifically this aspect have actually confirmed the fact that the cosmic color spectrums that emanate from different planets are identical to the color spectrums of the correspondent gems. A correspondent gem thus would act like a valve regulating the play of it’s planet’s cosmic energies on the human wearing it, and create specific effects of absorption and reflection of the rays and vibrations. The gem acts as a filter and produces positive or negative effects, depending on the need of the body. Just like crystals used in radio technology are the fundamental constituents of transmitting, receiving and transforming invisible energy into sound, thus do the crystalline nature of these gemstones attract and condense the cosmic, planetary energies that incessantly bombard us, and transform them for bebeficial use by our human physiology. So one of the ways in which we can come to terms with our karma, and to some extent ameliorate, shape and adapt it, is by keeping the right gemstones in close contact with our body, so that profound and significant changes can be wrought over time to ease our lives in this here-and-the-now.

To conclude, it is now in our modern times more than any other era in history that the knowledge and technology of natural gemstones has reached a zenith, making available to us a subtle, cognitive science that has the potential to fulfill at least in part mankind’s yearning for a life free from problems and negativity. So go on, do not look askance but accept it that natural gemstones that demand no special efforts from you except wear them can help transform our lives radically.

A word of caution though. Inappropriate and incorrectly charged gemstones can do more harm than good. So it is necessary to consult an adept, and choose one that is best suited to our natures and needs lest they worsen things. Consult a good astrologer/gemologist in order to arrive at the right gem, the proper weight, shape and size of the stone, and the correct mantra for the particular stone to get beneficial results.

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