It is all about balance when it comes to budgeting, be it for the home, for a new project, or for a new venture. And budgeting for a nation too is all about balancing, as is obvious from the tightrope walk that characterizes the dexterity with which most general budgets attempt juggling around limited resources and options, in order to seek that fine balance needed to keep an economy shipshape … at least till the next budget.

This sixth edition of NRI Achievers is also in part about the budget and its fine balancing act, which seems to have been pulled off rather well by an adept finance minister, who has managed to cobble together a budget that balances fiscal prudence with the looming political imperatives of a soon to come general election. Though not overtly populist on the surface, the budget seems to have ensured enough elbow and head room for a political class that needs to reinvent itself the coming year by going to the hustings once again. Apropos budget, it is our intention to henceforth devote every March Issue to this economic aspect of our lives, just as every February Issue of NRI Achievers will invariably focus on the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, and the concerns raised by the conclave every year.

2013 promises to be a tumulous year, hinting at just enough excitement to keep our constituencies occupied on matters interesting to them, with promises of many an interesting milestone that is to come about. In this current issue, we take a look at what the budget implies for us and our readers, take some glimpses at sectors of the Indian economy that are likely to draw our attention later this year, including travel, tourism and hospitality, realty, infrastructure, banking, insurance and the services sectors, and some other areas that are fast growing, with budding potential for overseas investment.

We have also included several other sections that might be of interest to you, ranging from the offbeat travelogue to cuisine to little known facts about well known places and topics. Cinema is featured, and we are working on getting you quality content from domains like education, sports, the small screen, and other walks of life, climes and times Indian. Apart from profiles of individual achievers both in India and abroad, we feature a country in focus as well, which is Jamaica this time round, a gem from the Caribbean.

As ever, we are feedback-driven, and therefore keen to get quality inputs from our readers. So I would encourage you all to get back to us with your views and opinions on content that is of most interest to you. Yes, do keep talking to us, be it by email or snail-mail, or via social networks!

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