In Indian cultures, people have the tradition of following vastu rules since times immemorial, and even today, those who are building their own houses were and still are very careful in the planning of their living spaces. Especially, they used to give the topmost priority to the placement of the entrance to their premises. Still you can see auspicious signs, symbols and animals at the entrances to old buildings. These symbols and signs were not only meant for decoration, but also have some other significance as well, and that is nothing else but vastu related.

The entry portal matters a lot for any kind of construction, whether it be residential or commercial. The entrance is the ‘face’ of a building. Just as our face gives others an idea about our inner qualities, so the entrance puts into evidence the lifestyle of the members living in the house. Therefore, we should be very very careful with the placement of the entrance to our home. A large majority of the people do not know much about vastu, or for that matter anything at all about it, but they still consider the direction, or facing of the site, when they go to buy a plot, or if they already own some land, then when they embark upon constructing a house over there.

Even those who do not know about vastu are aware that north and east directions are good for making an entrance of the house. But if we follow vastu rules even south and south-west directions can be equally beneficial for inhabitants. The entrance indicates inflow or entry of positive energy. If positive energy flows in through the entrance, it will bless the inmates with health, wealth and peace. That’s why this much importance is given to the placement of the entrance in vastu.

A professional vastu consultant will suggest the best possible placement of the entrance only after proper zoning of the eight cardinal directions. A total of 32 positions have been mentioned in eight cardinal directions and 20 out of these are represented by different deities. Among these only 11 positions are auspicious for an entrance. The auspicious position for entrances are as follows – 3 positions towards north-east to east, towards south to south-east 3 positions, 3 positions in west and 2 in north.

You may raise a question here – what is the method for a common man to know the ideal position for the entrance? My friends, you date of birth alone is enough to know the best auspicious position for the entrance to your house. A professional vastu consultant can calculate it for you based upon that one datum. And for this you can take help of a professional vastu consultant.

Here are some useful suggestions for an ideal entrance:-

a. Gates in the South-West should be avoided .

b. Gates should not be at the extreme corners.

c. Every plot should have at least two gates for entry, one big gate for vehicles and one smaller gate for people.

d. The entrance to the house should be in direct approach to the main gate.

e. Avoid big trees in front of the gate. They produce chaya vedh, which is not good for residents.

f. Avoid any ditch in front of the gate and even in the pathway leading to the front gate.

g. No open well should be in front of the gate.

h. There should be no decaying, rundown or dilapidated structure in front of the gate.

i. There should be no pole of any sort in front of the gate.

j. Never place a mirror facing the main entrance inside the house. It can reflect the positive energy straight out of the house.

k. If you are struggling with overexpenditure then it is advised to place feng shui coins near the entrance. It will help in controlling the outgo.

l. If the main gate is on the east and north sides it leads to prosperity and fame.

m. Gates in the east and west sides will lead to happiness and riches.

n. Gates in the north and west sides will only bring wealth. They will also increase an individual`s interest in the spiritual pursuits.

o. If there is a gate only in the east direction it leads to overall prosperity.

p. A northern gate symbolizes material comforts.

q. As per vaastu if the gate is in the west side then there will be a considerable profit in business. But this profit is short-term. After some years a slump will be experienced.

r. Remember to avoid the south-west gate completely. Under no conditions should the gate be built on this side. It leads to hazards and difficulties.

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