A majority of Indian students have admitted to feeling highly unwelcome in the United Kingdom. A study of the attitudes of 3,100 international students by the National Union of Students (NUS, a UK confederation of students unions), has revealed that almost 50% feels that the UK government was either not welcoming or not welcoming at all towards overseas students. The UK earns £ 7.9 Billion a year from international students. By 2024, one in every three outbound higher education students across the globe is expected to be from India and China. The study shows that the non-welcoming attitude and perception was most strongest for Ph.D students. Almost 62% of Indian students doing their Ph.D in the UK felt unwanted, besides 64.5% from Japan, and 63% from Nigeria. Students from India, Pakistan and Nigeria have also admitted advising their friends not to study in the UK. Asked what bothered them the most, 40% cited moves to get landlords to check on their legal status, while 74% said that the introduction of a National Health Service levy would make it practically impossible to them to study in the UK. England is already witnessing a sharp tumble in the number of Indian students visiting its universities for higher education. While PM David Cameron and home secretary Theresa May have pledged to stem the net migration inflow to stay below 100,000 before the next election in 2015, study nevertheless remains the most common reason for migrating to the UK.

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