An Indian-origin, Australian cabbie Tejinder Pal Singh or TP Singh will be honoured as the “Australian of the Year” for his services to the Sikh community and for positively influencing the lives of people of all colours.  Mr. TP Singh the founder of ‘Food Van’ emblazoned with the sign ‘Free food for hungry and needy people’ is considered a messiah for the homeless and needy. This selfless Sikh taxi driver will be the recipient of the prestigious 2017 Australian of the Year series Award. The award he will be receiving is one of the 4 categories of the ‘Australian of the Year’ awards.

Importantly, post a demanding 12-hour shift driving a taxi, Mr. Tejinder spends five hours cooking up a storm in his kitchen, preparing 80 kilograms of vegetarian curry and rice, which he then serves as a free lunch.

After arriving from the Punjab region with his family in 2006, the taxi driver was racially abused by a passenger in his taxi but Singh reacted in a way that led to a gradual change of behavior by people towards all turban wearing people. Mr. Singh also found support from the Northern Territory’s chief minister Michael Gunner and Singh soon became a recognizable face who helped fellow humans. In 2014, he was also honoured as ‘Australian of the Day’.

TP is one of the most popular people in the city of Darwin, Australia whose work has inspired other groups to take up the cause to distribute free food to the homeless. “One more step to making awareness about Sikhism and share thoughts. Thanks to teachers and future of my beautiful Australia,” said Tejinder Pal Singh on social media post.

Mr. Singh also says his religion states that 10-percent of his income should go towards helping those in need regardless of their religion or country of origin.


by Ashwani Srivastava

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